Wrong mentality

The Wrong Mentalities to Have at an Addiction Treatment Center

Going to an addiction treatment cent is the start of your recovery—the essential ingredient that you cannot stay sober without. Every aspect of an addiction treatment center serves a vital purpose. Drug detox purges our bodies of the poisons we’ve been consuming. Addiction therapy at an inpatient drug rehab helps us to learn new attitudes and behaviors in order to live our new lives. These are all crucial–however, there is only so much that an addiction treatment center can do for us. Without the right kind of mindset, they are just buildings with doctors and therapists.

3 Ineffective Mentalities for an Addiction Treatment Center

Treatment centers are only responsible for providing a service to you, but you are responsible for receiving this service. This means that you are responsible for being ready and willing to recover. No matter how great your addiction treatment center may be, you can’t reap its benefits if you are stubborn, disingenuous, or dishonest.


Those who are stubborn rebel against addiction treatment. They resist everything they are told to do. They often think that drug detox is enough to keep them sober, that they don’t need addiction therapy or anything else. They don’t follow the rules because they think they “know best.” They get into romantic relationships, don’t attend groups, and lash out when they are reprimanded. They leave treatment centers and often relapse. Then, they wonder why. They can’t blame treatment because they’re the ones who refused to listen in the first place.


Insincerity is just as bad as stubbornness, but at least stubborn addicts are honest about one thing: their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. They make no bones about not wanting to be at treatment. Disingenuous addicts feel the same way, except they pretend to participate in treatment. They talk in groups and addiction therapy. They say all the right things and make all the right moves. At the surface, they seem to be on the right track. However, they’re just trying to “skate by” and get out of treatment as soon as possible. Like stubborn addicts, they often relapse after they leave. They learn the hard way that you can’t pretend to participate in treatment. You have to actually do it.


Dishonest addicts often want to be in treatment. They don’t act out like stubborn addicts do. They don’t pretend like disingenuous addicts do. Yet, they still lie to their doctors, therapists, and peers in treatment centers. Often, they are ashamed or in denial about their addiction. They say things like, “I only drank beer, not the hard stuff,” but the truth is that they drink half a handle before breakfast. These addicts cannot find help at treatment centers. The reason is simple: if you’re not honest with someone who’s trying to help, then they cannot help you. If your leg was sore but you told a doctor you have a headache, you wouldn’t be surprised if his treatment didn’t help. Just the same, if you are dishonest then you cannot expect treatment centers to help.

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