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Guess How Many Years Sober These Celebrities Can Claim

In recent years, rates of alcohol and drug addiction have continued to climb, causing profound deterioration to those who become addicted, leaving tragedy and heartache in their wakes. However, despite the infatuation that many have with the concept of celebrity, the fact remains that Hollywood’s A-listers are, unfortunately, not immune to the recent addiction epidemic.

In fact, there are many more celebrities who have suffered from addiction to alcohol or drugs, gotten treatment, and impressively remained sober than one might think. As such, the following are ten famous actors and musicians that you might not have known were sober.

Bradley Cooper — 11 Years Sober

It was all fun and games until he landed in the hospital, having willfully cracked his head against concrete. At this point, Bradley Cooper, 40, realized that substance abuse would rob him of his career and his life if he didn’t get it under control.

After a period of rehabilitation, Hollywood’s leading man became sober in 2004 and has remained abstinent ever since. Cooper’s sobriety has allowed his stardom to rise, landing headlining roles in films like Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper. Nowadays, it’s commonplace for Bradley Cooper’s interviews with the likes of Vanity Fair to turn into high-profile love letters from Hollywood.

Jennifer Hudson — 34 Years Sober

While it’s not completely uncommon for celebrities to resist the drink simply because they have no interest, American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson is unique among them for having never consumed any alcohol or other mind-altering substances for all of her 34 years.

Additionally, Hudson’s tragic, compelling reason for remaining abstinent is due to her brother-in-law having killed her mother, brother, and nephew while under the influence in 2008. In a recent interview, Hudson has credited the birth of her son in 2009 as having saved her in the aftermath of her family’s gruesome murders.

Matthew Perry — 28 Years Sober

To most people, he’s Chandler Bing. However, before he landed a role on the hit show Friends at the age of 24, Matthew Perry—now age 46—had developed an alcohol and prescription pill problem in the wake of a jet-ski injury in 1997.

Unfortunately, Perry’s substance abuse habit continued as Friends became a hit and he was unable to keep his problem sufficiently under wraps. Rather than risking what remains his most well-known role and his career, Matthew Perry went to rehab and, according to interviews, has remained sober and an advocate of drug court for non-violent, addicted offenders ever since.

Jada Pinkett Smith — 18 Years Sober

As of 2015, Mrs. Will Smith is closing in on two decades of sobriety at 18 years. However, there was a point in time when Jada Pinkett Smith, 44, didn’t expect to make it to her 20s.

Having witnessed her mother’s struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, the actress didn’t let the fact that addiction ran in her family keep her from drinking. Before she knew it, Mrs. Smith was drinking two bottles of wine all by herself each night while lying on her couch.

Fortunately, she was able to kick the habit before it claimed her life. Jada Pinkett Smith has been an advocate of sobriety ever since.

Edie Falco — 23 Years Sober

It seems that half her fans know her as Tony Soprano’s wife while the other half know her as the pill-popping title character on Nurse Jackie.

With the latter, Edie Falco as admitted that her own struggle with alcoholism actually helped her as she was preparing for what has been her most compelling, critically-acclaimed role to date as Jackie Peyton, a New York nurse with a major prescription pill addiction. Unlike her beloved character, Edie Falco—currently 52 years old—kicked her substance abuse problem and has been sober for 23 years now.

James Franco — “A Long Time”

He may be well-known for his various “stoner” roles, but actor James Franco is decidedly sober from alcohol and any other mind-altering drugs. On more than one occasion, people have mistaken his laid-back personality as intoxication, which reportedly almost cost him his acclaimed starring role in 127 Hours, but both the actor and his agent insist that it’s been a really, really long time since the actor has even had so much as a drink.

Even in an interview with Howard Stern—famous for coercing reluctant and sometimes embarrassing confessions out of other celebrities—Franco and his frequent acting partner Seth Rogen assure us that Franco doesn’t partake in the drink, the herb, or any other substances, which he claims would probably make him unable to function.

Gerard Butler — 18 Years Dry, Almost 4 Years Sober

While dreaming of becoming a lawyer, Gerard Butler developed a major drinking problem that robbed him of his ambitions and aspirations. Fortunately, the star got sober and has been alcohol-free for 18 years.

However, after injuring himself while filming Shattered in 2007, the Scottish actor was prescribed painkillers. He didn’t abuse them, but his back pain intensified as he filmed Coriolanus in 2010. While filming a surfing scene in Chasing Mavericks in 2011, Butler injured himself once again, but this time his use of opiate painkillers quickly escalated.

Fearing that his addictive personality would get the better of him as it had with alcohol, Gerard Butler—currently aged 46—checked himself into rehab in the spring of 2012 and has been free of all substances ever since.

Colin Farrell — 9 Years Sober

An Irish leading man with looks that make the women swoon, Colin Farrell, 39, has spoken candidly about his struggles with addiction.

The actor admits to having spent the better part of two decades in a near-constant state of intoxication. Having grown a tolerance to alcohol and pretty much every drug, Farrell admits that it reached the point where he could no longer stop or control himself.

However, after wrapping Miami Vice in 2006, the actor immediately boarded a plane and went to rehab, achieving a sobriety he has since proudly maintained despite admitting to having an addictive personality.

Tobey Maguire — 20 Years Sober

Before he was Spider-Man and our trusty narrator in The Great Gatsby, Tobey Maguire grew up in a family that worked hard to barely scrape by. By the age of 19, MaGuire—currently 40 years old—had already developed an addiction to alcohol and was also habitually abusing drugs.

Fortunately, the star-to-be joined Alcoholics Anonymous, remaining both sober and a major advocate of the group in the years since.

Juliette Lewis — 19 Years Sober

During the 1990s, most knew her either as the girl from Cape Fear, Dustin Hoffman’s daughter in From Dusk Til Dawn, or from her appearances on the arm of Brad Pitt, who was 10 years her senior at the time.

At age 17, Juliette Lewis—currently 42—was a fresh-faced young woman on the brink of succumbing to Hollywood’s dark side. After ending her relationship with Pitt, Lewis developed a major drug problem and nearly lost her career in the process.

She got the help she needed to kick her drug habit at age 22 and has since been an advocate of recovery.

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