Addiction Treatment Cost

You Can’t Put a Price on Recovery from Addiction

“I’m an addict. I desperately want and need help. I’m looking into some treatment centers, but… How will I be able to pay for it? Will my insurance cover it?” These thoughts constantly run through the mind of an addict who’s decided he wants to get clean. They run through the mind of his family and friends, as well. Treatment can put quite a dent in your wallet. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember what you’re dealing with: addiction. It’s a cunning, baffling and powerful illness that is destroying you and everything around you. And while you’re balancing your checkbook, your addiction is killing your mind, your body and your soul. That’s why, when it comes down to it, you can’t put a price on recovery from addiction.

While out there drinking and drugging, addicts have little concern with money. They’re constantly spending it to feed their ever-growing addiction. When they run out of money, they steal from other people. They find precious items and hock them over at the nearest pawn shop. In some cases, addicts sell their own bodies. It’s quite clear that addicts and the addiction that consumes them aren’t bothered with money problems. They have more urgent matters to worry about: their next fix.

When it comes to recovery from addiction, we ought to have the same sense of urgency. Like addiction, recovery has to come before everything else − because our lives depend on it. People in recovery and 12-step programs often say, “Anything you put before your recovery, you’ll lose.” This includes men/women, our families, our cars, clothes, etc. Without recovery from addiction, we have no chance at staying sober. Without any chance at staying sober, we have nothing.

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