Couples Rehab

7 Reasons Why Couples Rehab Works


Climbing out of addiction to drugs or alcohol is an incredibly difficult and painful experience. Though on the other side of the battle comes a clean life, worth overcoming every hurdle, this lifelong journey toward sober living is one of the hardest things you will ever do. This is an especially difficult journey with family […]

2 girls talking

Teaching Twelve Steps to Other Addicts in Recovery


Those who’ve made it to the final step of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous know that the twelfth step is all about paying it forward: teaching Twelve Steps to other addicts so they can reach their spiritual awakening, too. It’s an important aspect of life in recovery that helps you incorporate the Twelve Steps […]

Step Eleven God

Step Eleven: Establishing a Closer Connection with God


Though it tends to take individuals by surprise, the development of an addiction to alcohol or drugs doesn’t occur overnight. Influenced by a number of seemingly disparate factors, becoming addicted is a cumulative process that results from such likes as possible biological predisposition, exposure to substances and their abuse, personal choice and development, and so […]

step 12

Step 12 – Service in Sobriety: Helping Others Through 12 Steps


It wasn’t long ago that addiction was seen as a moral affliction rather than as a disease. At the time, anyone who exhibited problematic, habitual substance abuse was deemed to be weak in character and will, lacking in a close relationship with God and willfully choosing not to exercise self-control. Instead of treating those individuals […]

reasons for sponsors

5 Reasons Why Having a Sponsor Is Essential


In the not-so-distant past, addiction was widely believed to be a moral affliction rather than a disease. Today, we have the benefit of years of research, which have afforded a much better, more enlightened understanding of addiction. We’ve realized that addiction is actually a chronic, progressive brain disease for which there’s no cure. Originating in […]

group therapy 3

Twelve-Step Programs Used in Drug Rehabs: Good or Bad?


When it comes to treatment, twelve-step programs take domain as the basics of maintaining recovery. Many have experienced much success in recovery by joining twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous; however, researchers often assert that evidence-based addiction treatment programs offered by quality rehabilitation facilities are the optimal route toward a lasting recovery. Most […]

drug rehab essentials

5 Essential Drug Addiction Treatment Services for Every Drug Rehab


There are a variety of drug addiction treatment services. The process of finding a treatment program is an incredibly personal process with each addict requiring an individualized curriculum to ensure that they receive sufficient treatments to overcome the effects they have been experiencing. There are also several components of addiction treatment programs that tend to […]

christian recovery

Christian Addiction Recovery and the Twelve Steps


Until recently the majority of the addiction treatment programs—often consisting of support fellowships for individuals who shared a desire for improvement or healing—had some sort of religious basis with many of them being Christian. Twelve-step programs were developed with an emphasis on spirituality as a means of achieving recovery, differing from the decidedly Christian ideals […]

addiction therapy vs twelve steps

Addiction Therapy vs. the Twelve Steps


Addiction recovery can be a long, intensive process. Until somewhat recently, addicts were often forced into abstinence through punishment, but we’ve come to see overcoming addiction as more of a therapeutic process that requires mental and physical treatments. However, this therapeutic model of addiction recovery isn’t the only model available. In fact, the twelve-step model […]

Cocaine Affects the Brain

This is Your Brain on the Twelve Steps Method


The Twelve Steps method is widely held to be a dramatically different perspective that the clinical, scientific approach in that the Twelve Steps method is an overtly spiritual recovery process. However, despite the apparent disparity between the two approaches to addiction recovery, recent studies have found that much of the efficacy of the Twelve Steps […]