recovery jokes

Addiction Recovery Jokes Can Help Address Past Substance Abuse


Addiction is a devastating disease that we’re still learning about. Whereas most other diseases don’t change a person on such a profound, intimate level, addiction robs people of their physical health while turning them into shells of their former selves. More specifically, it causes major deterioration of a person’s overall health and wellness by weakening […]

addiction quotes

Addiction Recovery Quotes Offer Perspective, Honesty


The disease of addiction does not discriminate – substance dependency is blind to gender, age, social status, and race. It does not avoid successful businessmen nor favor the less fortunate. In fact, many of the great minds we as a society admire have been afflicted themselves. But there is life after addiction, and some wise […]

shame vs guilt

Shame vs. Guilt: What’s the Difference?


Before we realized it was a disease, addiction was actually viewed as a conscious, willful behavior while addicts were seen as bad people who were selfish and self-destructive. As a result, people with addiction were punished, which often meant they were imprisoned or confined in asylums for the mentally insane. The idea was that the […]

methadone maintenance

Methadone: Maintenance Drugs for Opioid Addiction


While methadone maintenance is a common treatment option for opioid addiction, there are dangers of methadone that clients should know beforehand. This technique is typically used in programs in which clients are given a drug like methadone as part of a maintenance program. As such, the following will present a description of how methadone is used […]

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Addiction Stigma: Shattering Judgment in Recovery


Because of addiction stigma, addicts were widely punished rather than treated, and although we have a much more enlightened and refined understanding of addiction based on direct observation, it seems that attitudes from less informed times continue to pervade today’s culture. Before we realized that addiction was a disease, the consensus was that anyone who […]

halfway house

What Is a Halfway House?


Achieving sobriety is only part of the victory of getting your life back again after addiction. Maintaining it is the other part, and support is needed to help people in recovery bridge the gap between where they once were to where they want to be. Fortunately, there are several housing arrangements that allow them to […]

12 days of sobriety

The Twelve Days of Sobriety


You’ve heard of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” so get ready for Drug Treatment Center Finder‘s “Twelve Days of Sobriety.” In light of the holidays, we have created our own recovery-themed interpretation of the famous Christmas carol. Instead of turtle doves and partridges in pear trees, our version includes working steps and second chances.  There […]

addiction recovery app

Addiction Recovery: There’s An App For That


Indiana University of Pennsylvania senior Ryan Brannon was concerned by the number of young people suffering from addiction but avoiding seeking treatment based on long-standing stigmas attached to chemical dependency. Several of the college students’ own close friends had experienced drug addiction and alcoholism – and despite having no personal experience with addiction himself, Brannon knew […]

AA cult

AA: America’s Favorite Cult?


Claiming that an organization that has unquestionably improved and saved innumerable lives is in any way a cult – a word with harshly derogatory connotations – will predictably stir up quite a bit of controversy amongst its members. Therefore, I will avoid stating outright that Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult; partially to avoid a wholly […]

serenity challenge

The 30-Day Peace + Serenity Challenge


Whether you’re looking to find peace and serenity in means to support your recovery, sobriety or just overall happiness in life – we’ve spoken to hundreds of folks living a spiritually fit life who follow a handful of basic principles. Peace and serenity do not come externally, they come from within! Those who seek it […]