gender-specific rehab

5 Reasons to Consider Gender-Specific Rehab


Nobody ever intends to become an addict. In fact, many substance abusers continue to believe they’ll be able to stop their consumption behavior before they become fully addicted. However, the point of no return quickly comes and goes as substance abusers become full-blown addicts. Fortunately, addiction is a treatable illness with addicts having a number […]

Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs

Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs: What’s the Difference?


The disease of addiction is a very complicated affliction, especially when compared to other diseases. It’s neither a physical nor a psychological disease, but rather somewhere in between. It is also a disease that affects an individual’s family nearly as much as the addict him or herself, which is why it’s often referred to as […]

best addiction treatment

Basic, Better, and Best Treatment for Addiction: Know the Difference


Finding the best treatment for addiction can be difficult. Drug Treatment Center Finder has the resources to help you find the best drug or alcohol drug rehab to help you toward recovery. To learn more about treatment for addiction, read the article below.  The development of an addiction robs even the most good-natured and honest […]

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Deal with Them


Many people who start using addictive substances have no idea how hard it can be to stop. But a sure sign of dependence on drugs and alcohol is what happens when the person stops using. When substances are regularly used, the body becomes dependent on them and builds up a tolerance for them. Users find […]

stages of addiction recovery

6 Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a unique disease. While it’s not a curable condition, addiction is treatable. Those who suffer from chemical dependency can overcome most of the effects of addiction to live a normal, healthy life.  To help treatment providers and therapists to better help patients suffering from addiction, alcoholism researchers Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska […]

drug rehab employees

How to Get Addicted Employees Into Rehab


The disease of addiction is unique compared to most other diseases. It’s neither entirely psychological nor entirely physical, but rather a combination of the two. With the disease of addiction attack an individual’s mind and body, it follows that the effects of addiction would be diverse and profound. In terms of the physical and health […]

history of rehab

A Brief History of Addiction Treatment & Rehab


We’re fortunate today to have the benefit of hindsight and decades of research. With our knowledge comes more effective treatments and the saving of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of lives. However, there are still many miles left to go. We may have a thorough understanding of the disease of addiction, but we’ve still barely […]

addiction faqs

Frequently Asked Questions: Am I an Addict?


Denial is a major component of addiction. Either because they’re unable or unwilling to accept the reality of a substance use problem, the majority of addicts deny whether they’re actually even addicted. Unfortunately, this means that a number of individuals in need of help are unable to receive it because they continue to believe they […]

recovery fears

5 Common Drug Rehab Fears


The journey of addiction various substantially for every addict, but some of the fears of people in addiction are similar or the same. Here are five common drug rehab fears that addicts give for avoiding or rejecting the recovery process.  Fear: Rehabilitation Is Like Imprisonment Most addicts equate substance abuse with their freedom and independence. Although […]

pack for rehab

What Am I Allowed to Bring to Rehab?


In the search to find a drug rehab, one of the most common questions is: “What am I allowed to bring to rehab?” It’s completely reasonable to ask this. At inpatient drug rehab centers, you won’t have the same freedom that you’re used to. There is a good reason for this: you need to be in […]