The 6 Most Popular Medications Used for Addiction Treatment


There are many different treatments and therapies available that individuals can use to overcome addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. More often than not we associate such treatments with things like counseling, psychotherapy, group sessions, and skills-building, but there are a wide variety of therapies beyond just the quintessential recovery offerings. For example, there are a […]

Wrong mentality

The Wrong Mentalities to Have at an Addiction Treatment Center


Going to an addiction treatment cent is the start of your recovery—the essential ingredient that you cannot stay sober without. Every aspect of an addiction treatment center serves a vital purpose. Drug detox purges our bodies of the poisons we’ve been consuming. Addiction therapy at an inpatient drug rehab helps us to learn new attitudes and […]

synthetic marijuana treatment

Find the Best Drug Treatment Options


There are various drug treatment options from which individuals can choose in order to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. However, with there being such a variety of treatments available, it can be difficult or even confusing to try to narrow down those options to the program that will allow an individual to overcome addiction with […]

treatment timeline

How Long Can Alcohol and Drug Treatment Be?


The decision to enter a treatment facility for substance is a personal one. It is not as easy as just picking out a random facility and hoping for the best. People who want professional help to end their alcohol or drug dependence should ask as many questions as possible about the experience so they can […]

florida drug rehab advantages

What Florida Drug Rehabs Can Offer You


Florida drug rehabs provide some of the best addiction treatment in the nation and has an active recovery community to help people maintain sobriety. For some, the location of a treatment facility might be a major factor, depending on whether an individual wants to receive treatment close to home or in an environment that’s far […]

Jon Quinton

Jon Quinton: An Interview on His Personal Struggles with Addiction


We are pleased to feature a guest blog written by our friend and fellow recovering addict, Jon Quinton. Alcoholism and addiction are progressive, fatal, and incurable…but we can recover! Our stories can offer inspiration and let the suffering addict know there is a solution. We thank Jon for sharing his experience, strength, and hope with us today. […]


Obamacare & Addiction Treatment


When it comes to addiction treatment, the elephant in the room is always health insurance. It’s a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about — obviously, treatment costs money. And that money has to come out of someone’s wallet…that’s why insurance exists in the first place. But there’s also a human side to healthcare, which […]

drug courts

What is Drug Court & How Can It Benefit an Addict?


Years ago, the general consensus was that addiction was evidence of an individual’s being a bad person, dishonest and weak of character and will. As a result, being chemically dependent was largely criminalized with addicts who resorted to crimes to sustain their addictions being forced into abstinence via lengthy prison sentences. Nowadays a relatively new […]

pace model of care

The PACE Model of Care – Putting the “You” in Your Addiction


Over the years, we have continued to research addiction in order to learn more about how it develops, the specific factors that make some individuals more susceptible to addiction than others, whether the various types of addiction work similarly or differently, and so on. The ultimate goal was to understand the disease better so that […]

Tips for Sobriety

5 Early Recovery Habits That Are Hard to Break


The development of alcohol or drug addiction means trading a healthy way of life for one of instant gratification, dishonesty, irresponsibility, and even disregard for one’s basic needs. Individuals who suffer from addiction tend to sacrifice relationships, job opportunities, and financial stability in order to sustain their substance abuse habits, resulting in an increasing tendency […]