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How to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center


The process of finding the right alcohol rehab center can be daunting. This isn’t the type of thing that most people are going to naturally know, making it important for there to be informative resources available for anyone trying to find the right rehab for a person’s recovery needs. Additionally, it’s often particularly difficult to […]


Excessive Alcohol Use Is Not Alcoholism, Says CDC


Excessive alcohol use is almost universally considered to be the original addiction. Humanity’s complicated relationship with alcohol goes back thousands of years, but for the majority of this time alcoholism wasn’t a widely known or recognized issue. Alcohol consumption and even binge drinking was common, but it was viewed as a voluntary behavior until relatively recently […]

Do Alcohol Rehabs Actually Differ from Drug Rehabs

Do Alcohol Rehabs Actually Differ from Drug Rehabs?


Many have wondered whether alcohol dependence and drug addiction can be treated in much the same way or if they require separate treatments at separate facilities. Despite the underlying similarities between alcohol addiction and drug addiction, the risks that are associated with each type of substance abuse can differ significantly. The severity of the addiction […]

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Binge Drinking: What It Is & Why It’s a Problem


There are many substances to which a person might become addicted. They range from the legal to the illegal with there even being a couple that lie somewhere in between such as marijuana and prescription drugs. Additionally, there are a number of behaviors that have been found to be quite addictive and wield the potential […]

How Alcohol Abuse Can Kill Your Love Life

10 Reasons Why Being an Alcoholic Will Kill Your Game


There are many couples who met during college at this party or that bar, married within a few years of dating, and have since had a beautiful relationship with a couple kids as proof of the pudding. Alcohol might relax individuals with social anxiety and make even the shyest guys less inhibited, alcohol can also […]

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

How Alcohol Affects the Brain


There are many substances to which a person can become addicted. Of the many substances to which a person could become physically and psychologically dependent, alcohol is widely considered to be the original addiction. Our history with alcohol can be traced back several thousands of years and includes times when it was more acceptable to drink […]

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Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Alcoholics


Since addiction has many psychological symptoms, many have wondered whether it could be caused by mental disorders, especially when recognizing symptoms of schizophrenia in alcoholics.. Conversely, one might also wonder if it’s not an addiction that’s the result of some other, preexisting affliction. Moreover, there’s evidence to indicate some possible relationship or correlation between alcoholism and […]

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5 Ways Family Members Can Help Their Alcoholic Loved One


Knowing how to help your alcoholic loved one can be difficult, especially when alcohol consumption–even to excess–is still relatively nationwide accepted. Since alcohol is legally available to individuals of appropriate age, many underestimate the risks involved with enjoying alcohol. Although the majority of people who sometimes drink alcohol don’t develop problematic drinking behavior, the percentage […]

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Why Saying “I Am an Alcoholic” Is the First Step to Recovery


In movies and TV shows, there’s one thing you will always notice about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings: Before someone speaks, they always introduce themselves by saying “My name is [name], and I am an alcoholic.” The entire room then responds, “Hi [name].” “I Am an Alcoholic” and the Importance of Self-Identification There is no rule in AA […]

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A Timeline of Alcoholism Recovery for Christians


In this article, we cover the beginnings of treating alcoholism, which involved several Christian-based recovery programs.  Alcoholism is widely considered to be the original addiction. It was by studying alcoholism that we obtained a more enlightened understanding of the many other forms of addiction, even those we didn’t know were actual addictions like gambling and […]