identifying with addicts

Identifying with Fellow Addicts, But Don’t Compare


As a disease, addiction has a number of profound effects on a person’s health, mental and emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, a potential for success, and so on. Over the course of active addiction to alcohol and drugs, many addicts become financially destitute, unemployed, and oftentimes even homeless. Even family, friends, and other loved ones—from whom […]

alcoholics anonymous

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?


Our best minds and scholars have spent years researching addiction, coming to the conclusion that it’s not merely a sign of abnormality, immorality, or being a self-centered, selfish deviant; rather, addiction is a disease that’s not unlike diabetes or heart disease. However, even though addiction is technically a disease, it’s also quite different from many […]

Find Treatment Center

A Guide to Finding the Right Drug Treatment Center


Addiction affects people in many and various ways. As a disease, addiction can changes personalities, render people without jobs or places to live, destroy relationships with family and friends, and so on. Additionally, there are a number of health risks that accompany addiction, affecting virtually every square inch of the body. Due to the extensive […]

12 steps

The 12 Steps: Spiritual or Religious?


Bill Wilson, himself an alcoholic, co-founded the original twelve-step support group as a way to help his associate, Dr. Bob Smith, who was also an alcoholic, achieve sobriety. As the budding fellowship gained momentum and continued to group, Wilson wrote some of the group’s core values, tenets, and principles in what’s colloquially referred to in […]

addictive behaviors

Dealing with Addictive Behaviors


There are many terms for addictive behavior. In treatment, addicts will often learn about what an addictive personality is. 12-step groups also refer to an addict’s “character defects” and “shortcomings.” All of these are words and terms used to describe something that makes us feel good. As addiction goes beyond drugs themselves, we might overdo […]


What is an AA Sponsor? Why do I Need One?


As addiction is a complicated disease that affects people in profound and diverse ways, it follows that there’s no single one-size-fits-all treatment that works best for all addicts. Each individual who suffers from addict has a specific set of individual circumstances that led to his or her suffering. One method that has been successful in […]

Effects of Drug Abuse

What are the Effects of Drug Addiction on the Brain?


Substance abuse and addiction have cumulative and profound effects on an individual’s life, body, and mind. Though the experience of addiction tends to vary to an extent from one addict to the next, the constant is that the effects of drug addiction are damaging and extensive, takes many different forms, and serves as symptoms of […]

Types of addiction treatment

Five Types of Addiction Therapy Used In Treatment


As a disease, addiction has a profound physical, emotional, psychological, and social effect on individuals with a chemical dependence on alcohol and drugs. Though it’s their choices that have led to their developing addiction, addicts are no longer able to control their behavior, resulting in obsessive cravings and almost constant drug-seeking. Over the course of […]

Florida Rehab

Finding a Rehab in Florida


Florida is no stranger to drug addiction, but it’s also the #1 place for recovering addicts and treatment centers. When addicts look for help, they often choose to go to a rehab in Florida. Thus, a place filled with so much despair also offers an immense degree of hope. There’s so many addicts who are recovering rather than suffering that the state is […]

breaking chains of addiction

Breaking the Chains: Finding Freedom from Addiction


Addiction can begin in many different ways. For some individuals, addiction began as taking an extra prescription pain medication here and there when symptoms of a painful condition would flare up, needing more and more of the medication over time until it becomes unbearable to not take large doses of the medication. There are also […]