What is an AA Sponsor? Why do I Need One?


As addiction is a complicated disease that affects people in profound and diverse ways, it follows that there’s no single one-size-fits-all treatment that works best for all addicts. Each individual who suffers from addict has a specific set of individual circumstances that led to his or her suffering. One method that has been successful in […]

Effects of Drug Abuse

What are the Effects of Drug Addiction on the Brain?


Substance abuse and addiction have cumulative and profound effects on an individual’s life, body, and mind. Though the experience of addiction tends to vary to an extent from one addict to the next, the constant is that the effects of drug addiction are damaging and extensive, takes many different forms, and serves as symptoms of […]

Types of addiction treatment

Five Types of Addiction Therapy Used In Treatment


As a disease, addiction has a profound physical, emotional, psychological, and social effect on individuals with a chemical dependence on alcohol and drugs. Though it’s their choices that have led to their developing addiction, addicts are no longer able to control their behavior, resulting in obsessive cravings and almost constant drug-seeking. Over the course of […]

Florida Rehab

Finding a Rehab in Florida


Florida is no stranger to drug addiction, but it’s also the #1 place for recovering addicts and treatment centers. When addicts look for help, they often choose to go to a rehab in Florida. Thus, a place filled with so much despair also offers an immense degree of hope. There’s so many addicts who are recovering rather than suffering that the state is […]

breaking chains of addiction

Breaking the Chains: Finding Freedom from Addiction


Addiction can begin in many different ways. For some individuals, addiction began as taking an extra prescription pain medication here and there when symptoms of a painful condition would flare up, needing more and more of the medication over time until it becomes unbearable to not take large doses of the medication. There are also […]

case management

What is Case Management? Why is it Important?


When it comes to entering and receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs, that are many components involved as well as extensive planning and decisions to be made, which can become overwhelming for many individuals who have become desperate for relief from chemical dependency. More often than not, the choice to accept help and […]

meth breaking bad

Breaking Bad Gets It Right: Meth Production in the Midwest


In the popular AMC show Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, then resorts to using his knowledge of the periodic table and his chemistry expertise uses meth production as a means of funding his medical treatments and to take care of his oblivious family. Set and filmed […]

dual-diagnosis treatment for drug addiction

What is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction?


After years of stigmatization and considering addicts to merely be weak in character and will, we now know that addiction is actually a disease. In fact, the definition most widely agreed upon a state that addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder in which individuals become chemically dependent due to compulsive seeking and consumption of alcohol […]

northeast painkiller

The Northeast & Painkiller Addiction


Each mind-altering substance, whether alcohol, cocaine, LSD, or otherwise, offers users profound personal risk in a number of ways. Alcohol can be purchased legally, making it exceptionally easy for users to obtain legitimately; however, for drug users this risk begins when the user seeks his or her drug of choice, which often entails venturing into […]


Sobriety Means Staying Clean from All Drugs


If you are a drug addict, then sobriety means staying clean from all drugs, including alcohol. Yet, this can often seem like a tall order. Many of us have been using drugs and alcohol for years on end. Perhaps we were introduced as a young age and we’ve been getting high ever since. Different drugs also have […]