addiction triggers

Everything You Need to Know About Addiction Triggers


Sobriety and ongoing recovery involves a lot of hard work and effort on the part of the addict. With the passage of more and more time having remained abstinent, you would expect that recovery would get easier the further from the period of addiction that the individual gets. For the most part that’s true; though […]

parents of addicts

Advice To The Parents of Drug Addicts


As the guardians or parents of drug addicts or alcoholics, there is nothing more harrowing than watching your son or daughter slowly kill themselves with harmful substances. It may mean sleepless nights waiting to receive that phone call with the voice on the other end telling you that your child has been arrested, was involved […]

alternative addiction treatment

Alternative Addiction Treatment: Other Methods


Alternative Addiction Treatment For someone looking for his or her first addiction treatment program, or experiencing a program of recovery for the first time, a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous can be intimidating. It’s important to know all of your options when it comes alternative addiction treatment. Here are some of the basic information that […]

baker act marchman act

What are The Baker Act and Marchman Act?


In most programs of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the emphasis is on the alcoholic or drug addict having the willingness to change their way of life. But what if you are the family member or loved ones of someone suffering from the disease of addiction that, while in that disease, is unwilling to […]

food addiction

An Addiction to Food?


Many addicts and alcoholics are able to stop their drug use and drinking. This period of sobriety has often been called “recovery.” But, there is more than one type of addiction and it the addiction isn’t always one you can help. It isn’t uncommon when addicts and alcoholics begin their journey in recovery from drugs […]

heroin vaccine

The Heroin Vaccine: The End of Addiction?


Image Source: Discovery Place Heroin is widely considered to be the most dangerous, addictive drug there is. It’s incredibly quick to hook its users and notoriously difficult to quit due to the oftentimes severe withdrawal symptoms that set in in as little as eight hours after taking the drug. Additionally, some users report experiencing post-acute […]

Halfway House

Sober Living Houses: The Key to Your Recovery?


Why Sober Living Houses? Upon completion of an inpatient or residential treatment program for addiction to alcohol and drugs, many individuals are fearful of the possibility of relapsing due to not feeling totally confident in their new found sobriety. In fact, the return home can often be more intimidating than the initial treatment. Recovery is […]

adult children of addicts

Adult Children of Addicts: What You Should Know


When we talk about addicts and their children, we mostly think in terms of small children. These small children are too young to understand what is going on with their addict parents, except for knowing that something is not right in their household. During the rehabilitation process, there are many family therapy protocols available to […]

most addictive drugs

Most Addictive Drugs: The 5 Hardest to Put Down


Drugs: They’re Not Created Equal The recreational use of any drugs or other intoxicants comes with the risk of addiction. By nature, these substances provide some sort of pleasurable effect to the user, typically referred to as a “high,” which creates a desire for additional consumption of the substance that becomes stronger and more pronounced […]

sober living

Sober Living Environment: Your Next Steps


The Reach Of Addiction Addiction is an unsettling, oftentimes even terrifying experience for both the addict and the individuals in his or her life. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there is an average of 23.5 million Americans age 12 or older who are in need of treatment for substance abuse and […]