Step Eleven God

Step Eleven: Establishing a Closer Connection with God


Though it tends to take individuals by surprise, the development of an addiction to alcohol or drugs doesn’t occur overnight. Influenced by a number of seemingly disparate factors, becoming addicted is a cumulative process that results from such likes as possible biological predisposition, exposure to substances and their abuse, personal choice and development, and so […]

gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction: When All Bets Are Off


When you think of addiction, your first thought may be a dependence on drugs or alcohol. It’s a widely known fact that substance abuse is a huge problem worldwide. You may be able to see how someone can be addicted to a substance, especially a substance like heroin or alcohol, which produces a physical dependence. But […]

recovery myths

5 Recovery Myths That May Surprise You


Addiction and recovery are full of myths and misinformation. This is partly because we are far from knowing all there is to know about addiction, the brain, how to best treat addiction and the process of recovery. The more we know, the more questions we have. A lot of the information that continues to circulate […]

insomnia in recovery

Insomnia in Early Sobriety: Catch Some Z’s!


It is exceedingly common for those in the early stages of addiction recovery to struggle greatly with simply sleeping through the night. Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns can lead to fatigue and exhaustion during the day, both symptoms that can be detrimental to those working towards maintaining sobriety. Most individuals find that after they have […]

time for rehab

Best Time to Go to Rehab: Some Signs to Know


Coming to terms with a substance abuse problem isn’t easy. There is still a lot of stigma associated with addiction, and this fact alone often keeps people from reaching out to their families, friends, employers or doctors when they suspect they have a problem. But that’s not all that stands in the way. The nature […]

nutrition for alcoholics

Health and Nutrition for Recovering Alcoholics


Years of chronic alcohol abuse takes a heavy toll on the body. Alcohol robs the body of the vital nutrients it needs to function properly, and the complications that can result from malnourishment can be severe and even life-threatening. When recovering alcoholics enter drug treatment, they receive valuable nutritional intervention and support along with other essential treatment […]


Precovery: Making the Decision to Become Sober and End Your Addiction


“Precovery” is a moment in a person’s addiction when they come to a crossroad in their life and make the decision to become sober. For the first time in a long time, the addict is having clear revelations regarding the negative impacts of substance abuse in their life. The addict may realize they can no longer […]

sober new years

Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas That Let You Have a Blast


Having a sober New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be dull and uneventful. It can still be a joyous time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate the love and close bonds they have with one another. While it is customary to celebrate New Year’s Eve with plentiful amounts of alcohol, there […]

woman excited with sunrise

Walk the Walk in Recovery: Do Aftercare Programs Right


It takes a little effort to be able to say you walk to walk in recovery–it’s not just abstinence and that’s it. Recovery requires work and genuine goal-setting. You want to proudly tell people you’re in recovery? Then you’re going to have to prove it. Once you leave the safety and support of drug rehab, […]

recovery from drug addiction

Stay Sober: 5 Lessons for After-Treatment Success


To stay sober, most people in recovery will have to make a complete life change. During addiction treatment, most clients receive the tools and support they need to overcome their substance abuse and begin a new, healthier lives in recovery. Treatment will helps people become empowered to make positive changes in your life. Still, there is no […]