Christian Treatment Program

Created originally in the later 1950’s, due to the growing number of alcohol abuse rates reported by the infamous McKinsey report, several different churches and subsections of hospitals began to work together, to build larger and more comprehensive treatment programs for Christians specifically. Once Christian based rehab programs rose to a more prominent status in the rehabilitation world, the studies conducted on it began to show a promising future.

According to a pew poll taken and averaged out between 2004 and 2014, it states that nearly 70 percent of the American population consider themselves actively Christian, making the United States one of the most fervently Christian countries on earth. With a Christian population this large, it would make sense that a large number of individuals battling addiction in treatment, should seek help from those issues in Christian rehab facilities.

Christian based rehab typically offer several different programs to better benefit the exact needs of the individual going through the treatment process. While some treatment centers offer a more vague Christian based program, others often times offer denominational specific Christian treatment options. This specifications usually devolve into the smaller Christian communities, such as Methodist, Protestant, even to Catholic and Baptist. However, regardless of the denomination, most treatment centers that offer any Christian based treatment, typically hold more general Christian treatment programs, in an effort to be all inclusive.

Due to the counseling sessions during treatment being conducted by pastors, ministers, and other clerical staff, those going through treatment often feel more comfortable opening up to fellow Christians. In this environment of God, spirit, and soul, many report a blissful and life changing experience related to their time in any one Christian treatment program. Often times, there are also Christian specific therapists on call to assist with therapy sessions, along with bible and scripture studies.

How Do I Know if a Christian Based Rehab Program is Right for me?

This type of treatment is best suited for those Christians seeking to empower, and ultimately reform their life and manage their addiction, all with the power of Christ. Due to the destructive and shameful nature often tied directly into substance abuse and addiction, individuals often seek the love of Christ to help them overcome those initial feelings of contempt and guilt. Feelings of unconditional love and acceptance is often times the most commonly reported and felt from those seeking forgiveness and for God to heal them from themselves.

With a heavy emphasis on Christian values and ideals, Christian based rehab offers those clients coming into the treatment programs, a safe environment conducive to healing from addiction from drug and alcohol. In this Christian environment, each individual is surrounded by other fellow Christians on the same journey to find Christ and the road to recovery. Typically the length of stay varies from person to person, however, overall the average length of stay for those choosing an inpatient Christian based treatment program, is around one to three months. However, for those with more severe addiction cases that require a longer term of treatment, the length of stay can last from six months, all the way to a year. For outpatient Christian treatment, the length can again vary by level of severity from 3 months to over a year.

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