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Georgia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

We found 284 drug treatment centers in Georgia

Drug Treatment Centers in Georgia

Georgia is an extremely resourceful state when it comes to offering drug and alcohol treatment. There are over 284 facilities that offer drug treatment in Georgia and each of them is unique.

One of the first things you will notice while searching for drug treatment in Georgia is the facilities tend to offer programs that are addiction specific. This means the center focuses solely upon offering treatment for that addiction. There are centers that focus upon treating addictions to heroin or meth, while other centers may focus upon alcohol or prescription drugs.

Another thing you will encounter while looking for a Georgia drug treatment center is the classification system amongst facilities. Rehabilitation centers and outpatient programs are often classified into a number of groups that include public programs, private facilities, Medicare facilities, and low cost facilities.

It may be extremely overwhelming at first to realize there are so many different facilities that offer treatment for addictions. Luckily, we are here to help.

Drug Treatment Center Finder is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the right Georgia drug treatment center. In fact, we have made it our goal to pair you up with the right treatment facility for your individual and unique addiction treatment needs. Call us today at 855-619-8070 to speak with one of our drug addiction treatment specialists.

How Should I Choose a Georgia Drug Treatment Center?

Your successful drug addiction recovery relies upon finding a Georgia drug treatment center that is right for you. There are almost 300 facilities spread all across the state and each one is different. They differ in how they approach treatment, what they treat, and even what they cost.

Finding the right facility that offers drug treatment in Georgia can be difficult, as most people do not know where to start their search. That is why we are here to help at Drug Treatment Center Finder.

We, at Drug Treatment Center Finder, understand just how stressful, and sometimes frustrating, the search for a Georgia drug treatment center can be. That is why we make it a commitment to help you with this search.

The first thing we recommend doing is asking yourself a few questions. Asking yourself the following questions will give you time to reflect on what your addiction treatment needs.

Take time to ask yourself:

  • What am I addicted to?
  • What can I afford to pay for treatment?
  • Do I need inpatient or outpatient treatment?
  • Do I need detox?
  • Do I need mental health services?

The way you answer these questions will help narrow down Georgia’s 300 facilities to just the ones that offer the help and support you need to overcome your addiction. Contact us at Drug Treatment Center Finder to work with an addiction treatment specialist and find the best facility that offers drug treatment in Georgia.


of Georgians reported past-month use of illicit drugs.


people died in the state of Georgia every year from alcohol-related causes.


people sought treatment for a substance abuse problem in Georgia in the last year.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment Centers in Georgia?

Answering the question of ‘does health insurance cover my stay at a Georgia drug treatment center’ is so difficult to answer. It is a difficult question to answer because the answer really varies from person to person.

In most situations, if you have health insurance you will probably have some type of coverage if you are trying to get drug treatment in Georgia. What that coverage includes will really depend upon what type of insurance plan you have and who provides that insurance plan. Coverage can range from only offering coverage for an outpatient Georgia drug treatment center to covering 80% of the costs associated with inpatient rehabilitation.

The only way to know if your individual insurance plan offers coverage for drug treatment in Georgia is to call our toll-free addiction hotline. We have a team of caring, compassionate professionals who are waiting to help you understand your insurance coverage. We will verify your insurance and explain what type of coverage you have when it comes to drug addiction treatment. Call Drug Treatment Center Finder today.

Between Georgia high school students in the last year, 49 percent had tried cigarettes, 35 percent drank one or more alcoholic beverages in the month preceding being surveyed, 38 percent reported lifetime marijuana use, 13 percent attested to lifetime inhalant use, three percent admitted to past-month cocaine use, and six percent reported past-year misuse of prescription opioid pain relievers

Recovery After Georgia Drug Treatment Centers

While staying in an inpatient Georgia drug treatment center, you may successfully overcome your addiction, but the work doesn’t stop there. You will want to consider entering an aftercare program once you have successfully completed your treatment in an inpatient program.

Aftercare programs will help provide you with a supportive community environment that wants to see you succeed. Unlike an inpatient program that offers drug treatment in Georgia where the focus is on beating your addiction, an aftercare program is focused on helping you learn valuable coping skills. These skills will help you avoid the temptations you will face on a day-by-day basis once you reenter society.

The most popular type of aftercare offered by a Georgia drug treatment center is an outpatient program. This program offers group counseling, individual counseling, and life skills courses that will help you as you transition back into society.

Another popular aftercare program is a sober living facility. This type of program is perfect for those who have completed their drug treatment in Georgia, but are unsure about quickly entering back into society. The sober living facility will give you the freedom needed to start the transition back to society, but there is still a structured environment that will help guide you.

Call us at Drug Treatment Center Finder to start the process of finding a sober living facility or an intensive outpatient facility in Georgia.