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Hawaii Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

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Drug Treatment Centers in Hawaii

It is often recommended that individuals who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction need to remove themselves from their current environment in order to seek proper treatment. Removing themselves from their current situation allows them to focus on the real problems that are causing the addiction without fear of outside influence.

Many people choose to undergo drug treatment in Hawaii because they can successfully remove themselves from their current situation and focus on beating their addiction. Add in the sunny beaches, warm weather, and welcoming community and you have all the reasons why people choose to enter a Hawaii drug treatment center.

If you are considering seeking drug treatment in Hawaii, you will be able to find help at a number of different facilities. There are private facilities, which are independently run by individual corporations or groups, and public facilities, which are connected to public healthcare systems or local hospitals. There are even low cost facilities and Medicare facilities for those that need to seek addiction treatment, but are on a budget.

Navigating your way through the world of addiction treatment can be stressful and extremely overwhelming. Allow us to help you. Make a simple call to Drug Treatment Center Finder and we can help you find a Hawaii drug treatment center that will get you the help you need.

How Should I Choose a Hawaii Drug Treatment Center?

There are over 119 facilities that offer drug treatment in Hawaii. It is important to find the right one for your addiction treatment, but how is a person to go about doing this?

Picking a Hawaii drug treatment center is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong way to pick a center, you have to go based off of what decision feels right.

If you have never had to go through the search for drug treatment in Hawaii, you may not know where to start. We recommend asking yourself a few questions, which will help you narrow down the facilities to those that offer services that will help you overcome your addiction.

The first, and most important, question to ask yourself is ‘what am I addicted to’. How you answer this question will determine what facilities you may or may not qualify to use. For example, some facilities do not offer on-site detox, which would mean anyone who is addicted to meth or heroin would want to find a different facility.

Another question to consider is whether or not mental health services may be needed. Drug and alcohol addiction are often caused by an underlying mental health issue. Attending a Hawaii drug treatment center that provides both addiction treatment and mental health services will help improve your chances at finding sobriety.

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of men jailed in Honolulu tested positive for methamphetamine.


of all drug related crime in the state was related to ice (methamphetamine)


of all patients admitted for meth treatment, absorb nearly 50% of all treatment costs.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment Centers in Hawaii?

Drug addictions have recently been acknowledged as a medical condition. This means that most health insurance plans will offer some type of coverage for your stay at a Hawaii drug treatment center. The type of coverage you have for drug treatment in Hawaii will vary depending upon your health plan and the health insurance provider.

There is no way to tell what type of coverage you have for drug treatment in Hawaii without verifying your insurance. Call us, at Drug Treatment Center Finder, for help with this step of the process. Our team of experienced addiction specialists will help guide you through the insurance process. We will verify your health insurance, explain your benefits, and help you understand what coverage you will have when it comes to seeking treatment from a Hawaii drug treatment center.

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The number of treatment admissions for methamphetamine abuse more than doubled from 1994 through 2000. Honolulu had the highest percentage of adult male arrestees who tested positive for methamphetamine among cities reporting to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program in 2000.

Recovery After Hawaii Drug Treatment Centers

It may seem a little premature to think about what you will do after you complete a stay at a Hawaii drug treatment center. After all, you may not have even entered the facility yet, so it would seem that it is too early to think about aftercare. But it is never too early to think of after drug treatment in Hawaii.

People who plan ahead for their aftercare treatment often have the best chance of not only overcoming their addiction, but staying sober after they leave a Hawaii drug treatment center. Improve your chances at staying sober by enrolling in an aftercare program offered by a sober living facility or by an intensive outpatient facility in Hawaii.

Just like choosing a facility for your drug treatment in Hawaii, it is important to find the right aftercare program. Contact us at Drug Treatment Center Finder to seek help with finding the right aftercare treatment program for you.