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The name “Dakota” is the Sioux Indian word for “friend,” and that is what this Great Plains state of North Dakota can be to those seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction. The vast, rural state with rugged landscapes has one of the lowest population rates in the US (somewhere around nearly 758,000 residents), so one can find clarity there among the lakes, mountains, and hills.

An abundance of empty, remote areas also means for some that finding a nearby treatment center presents an additional challenge to recovery. Still, because North Dakota is faced with the same drug-related public health crises as other states, there are facilities that can help people who want to leave addiction behind.

North Dakota’s treatment centers can give people in recovery much-needed physical space to receive alcohol or drug treatment. Its geographical diversity can aid in healing from addiction as treatment centers can be found along the hilly Great Plains in the western part of the state, near the banks of the Missouri River, or in the quieter, peaceful prairie region on the Missouri Plateau.

Even though the various types of North Dakota drug treatment centers are different, they all have one common goal, and that is to offer quality drug treatment that helps people kick the addiction and lead a fulfilled sober life.

However, finding the right fit among North Dakota’s drug rehabs can be a task, but we’re here to make things easier. Drug Treatment Center Finder is available 24-7 to offer you immediate assistance in helping you find the best treatment center for you or your loved one. Call us today at 855-619-8070, to start your search for a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center.

Commonly Abused Drugs in North Dakota

There are all sorts of addictive drugs, both legal and illegal, that can lead to dependence and addiction. In North Dakota, commonly abused drugs include:

  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine (meth, crystal meth)
  • Prescription drugs (including Oxycontin, fentanyl, other opioids)
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

While North Dakota is rural and remote, it does have its share of challenges with substance abuse. Drugs are being trafficked on Native American reservations in the state and Mexican cartels are also finding their way in to do business there. The state is also attracting other drug sources due to it’s small town atmosphere.

Heroin and methamphetamine use was on the rise in North Dakota, according to a 2016 report by the state Attorney General, Wayne Stenehjem.

According to the report, “The number of drug cases submitted to the State Crime Laboratory increased by 26 percent from 2013 to 2015, but during the same time period, drug cases involving heroin increased by more than 400 percent.”

The abuse of heroin and prescription opioid pain relievers is a public health concern across North Dakota that affects both families and individuals. In response to the spike in overdose deaths in the state, the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy took action in April 2016.

Backed by North Dakota lawmakers, the board began allowing all pharmacists in the state to prescribe naloxone to patients at risk of an overdose, their friends and family members, or other individuals in a position to assist in the event of an overdose.

In past years, it has been reported that substance abuse, particularly alcohol, cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco, is an issue among North Dakotans. Alcohol use and abuse are said to be generational in the state, and that children and young adults are following in the footsteps of older adults.


Deciding on which North Dakota drug rehab to enter is something that is left solely up to you. Other individuals can provide recommendations and help you with the decision-making process, but only you can decide which facility offers the best drug treatment in North Dakota.

Ask yourself a few questions as you narrow down your choices, such as:

The answers you provide to these types of questions will narrow down the list of North Dakota drug rehabs to those that are best suited for your unique addiction treatment needs.

Before you peruse the selection of North Dakota drug rehabs, here are five questions the National Institute on Drug Abuse advises you ask before making that big decision:

You also may want to consider North Dakota drug rehabs that offer:


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The number of drug cases submitted to the state’s crime lab increased by 26% from 2013 to 2015, but during the same period, drug cases involving heroin increased by more than 400%.

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Methamphetamine violations more than quintupled, from 246 in 2010 to 1,633 in 2015. Heroin violations increased from 4 to 177, a 4,300% increase.

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Meth use by adults in North Dakota almost doubled during a three-year period, from 21% in 2012 to 39% in 2015, and heroin use by adults increased from 1% to 6%.

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Of the more than 46,000 North Dakotans that suffered from alcohol abuse disorder from 2010 to 2014, only 6.5 percent received treatment.


Getting drug treatment at a rehab may raise the issue of whether you should complete treatment at home or travel to an out-of-state drug facility to start a program there. Before committing to a decision, consider the pros and the cons.

Out-of-state North Dakota drug rehabs provide:

The decision of whether to stay at home or go away for drug treatment is up to each person to decide. Take time to assess personal preferences, what kind of treatment is needed and other concerns as you decide where to enter a program.