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Signs of Drug Addiction to Look Out For


When it comes to signs of drug addiction, they can be hard to spot. The severity of these signs vary person to person, but there is a series of signs applicable to most addictions. The following signs are more for addictions still in an earlier phase of the disease. For the more severe addictions, the […]

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Falling From Sobriety: A Tale of Alcoholism in Japan


This is a story about a man falling from sobriety. Alcoholism is itself a war with sobriety. A battle where the lines of reality are blurred and boundary dissolving. This is about a plummet from sobriety to death. Meeting Sobriety From 2008 to 2010, I lived in one of Japan’s largest cities: Fukuoka. Every morning […]

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Warning Signs of Addiction Families Need to Recognize


Noticing Behaviors of An Addict An individual displays his or her addiction through a range of behaviors, mostly negative. The warning signs of addiction families need to recognize are vital in determining if your loved one is, in fact, an addict. For family members, the changes that occur in loved ones are quickly noticed. For […]

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Cocaine Scandal


The Pittsburgh Pirates cocaine scandal remains the second biggest scandal in all of Major League Baseball (MLB) history. Through the drug trial, a federal grand jury found 20 different players guilty in the process. Of those 20, at least 11 were suspended and made to pay fines, participate in several hours of community service, and […]


What Is Krokodil and Where Is It From?


Krokodil, also known as desomorphine, has had a comeuppance in some of the strangest ways possible. Typically, most drugs that exist today were introduced to the public through various medical and alternate uses before they were recreationally abused, which led to them being outlawed. However, what makes krokodil so strange in this case, is how […]

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How to Handle Break-Ups in Recovery


Some people might think that addicts can’t handle break-ups in recovery. Surviving a broken heart is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life; it doesn’t matter if you are in recovery. Losing someone you care about and dealing with the realization that the relationship has reached its end is a huge […]

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  Drug Treatment Center Finder Terms of Service and Use General Disclaimer The Drug Treatment Finder Center’s website is not to be used as a replacement for any type of professional medical, counseling or other chemical dependency or substance abuse advice and/or services. This website is intended to be used as an informational and educational […]

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Health and Nutrition for Recovering Alcoholics


Years of chronic alcohol abuse takes a heavy toll on the body. Alcohol robs the body of the vital nutrients it needs to function properly, and the complications that can result from malnourishment can be severe and even life-threatening. When recovering alcoholics enter drug treatment, they receive valuable nutritional intervention and support along with other essential treatment […]

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Pay for Drug Rehab: Common Questions About Treatment Coverage


There are a wealth of resources available that inform people about the nature of addiction. In school, adolescents and teens are taught the dangers of alcohol and drugs and ways to resist the peer pressure. For adults, there are entire television shows that offer one cautionary tale after another, helping to divert many of those […]

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MTV’s Ryan Knight Dies from Apparent Drug Overdose


If you are a fan of MTV’s hit prime time shows The Real World or The Challenge, then chances you are that you have probably heard of the recent loss of Diem Brown to ovarian cancer earlier in November. But even more recent is the sudden, tragic loss of Ryan Knight to an apparent overdose […]