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addiction treatment gap

Addiction Treatment Gap: How Can We Fill It?


Addiction is a disease that’s very much unlike any other. While most other diseases are either physical or psychological in nature, addiction is one that’s actually both, or somewhere in between. Being so unlike other illnesses poses a very specific problem, which is that there’s no definitive, singular way to treat the disease of addiction […]


When Clients Leave Rehab AMA, They Hold Recovery Back


For those who know someone who has been in and out of rehab, you may have heard the term, “leave rehab AMA.” Some individuals leave rehab before they’ve actually completed their treatments, which is dangerous for a number of reasons. The following will explain what it means to leave rehab “AMA,” the reasons why a […]

family support

5 Ways Family Members Can Help Their Alcoholic Loved One


Knowing how to help your alcoholic loved one can be difficult, especially when alcohol consumption–even to excess–is still relatively nationwide accepted. Since alcohol is legally available to individuals of appropriate age, many underestimate the risks involved with enjoying alcohol. Although the majority of people who sometimes drink alcohol don’t develop problematic drinking behavior, the percentage […]

help in recovery

Getting Help For People Struggling With Drug Addiction


There are countless diseases and afflictions in the world, some of which are physical and some are mental or emotional. Although each disease comes with its own set of effects that can have an extensive impact on one’s life, arguably the worst disease is that of addiction. When it comes to struggling with drug addiction, […]

addiction treatments and programs

What Kind of Addiction Treatments and Programs Are There?


Looking for Addiction Treatment? Learn about the different types of addiction treatments and programs from Drug Treatment Center Finder. Since addiction is a very complex illness with many profound, varied effects, one requires many different forms of treatment in order to overcome the disease of addiction. Although counseling and psychotherapy are often considered the core […]

drug detox process

How Does Drug Detox Treatment Work?


Before an individual can begin the inpatient treatment phase of recovery, it’s often required that he or she complete a drug detox treatment program, especially if the patient is suffering from a severe or long-term chemical dependency. As such, the following will define detox treatment and break it down into its most basic steps so […]

treatment timeline

How Long Can Alcohol and Drug Treatment Be?


The decision to enter a treatment facility for substance is a personal one. It is not as easy as just picking out a random facility and hoping for the best. People who want professional help to end their alcohol or drug dependence should ask as many questions as possible about the experience so they can […]

Jon Quinton

Jon Quinton: An Interview on His Personal Struggles with Addiction


We are pleased to feature a guest blog written by our friend and fellow recovering addict, Jon Quinton. Alcoholism and addiction are progressive, fatal, and incurable…but we can recover! Our stories can offer inspiration and let the suffering addict know there is a solution. We thank Jon for sharing his experience, strength, and hope with us today. […]

free treatment

Free Treatment for Drug Addiction


Unlike most other diseases that occur either as a result of biology or due to contracting it in some way, the disease of addiction develops due to a confluence of contributing factors that can include biology or genetics, environment and circumstance, and even one’s development or behavior. What’s more, alcohol and drug addiction is a very […]

heroin addiction

Drug Profile: Heroin Addiction, Withdrawal & Treatment


It goes without saying that drugs are inherently dangerous and incredibly addictive. Nobody who experiments with substance abuse intends to become addicted; as users continue to recreationally abuse alcohol and drugs over time, they build a tolerance to them and begin to need a higher and higher dosage to achieve the desired effects. Before they […]