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New Jersey: Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Goes Statewide


The United States is in the grip of a major nationwide drug epidemic. Over the years, more and more people are turning to increasingly hard and dangerous drugs, even at younger and younger ages. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see adolescents and teens in residential treatment programs or senior citizens who are unable to receive […]

narcan for overdose

How Narcan Works: The Drug That’s Curbing Overdose Effects


Image Source: NBC News/ Mel Evans There are numerous risks inherent in substance abuse for any of the mind-altering chemicals one can introduce into the body. Even marijuana—seen as one of the less urgently dangerous drugs—can produce a number of adverse health effects in the body, especially in one’s respiratory system. Because of this, users of […]

recovery cake

Recipe for Rehabilitation: If Recovery is a Cake, Treatment is the Flour


The journey toward addiction is different for everyone. For some, addiction begins as experimentation with substance abuse, perhaps with a legal substance like alcohol. A couple evening cocktails are fine until it’s not enough anymore. The social drinker develops a physical dependence on alcohol that leaves him or her in a state of sickness after […]

family and addiction

Addiction: Tearing Families Apart


Although addiction affects everyone differently, the factors that contribute to the development of addiction remain the same. For some, a genetic predisposition renders them particularly susceptible to addiction, more likely due to a confluence of biological factors to become an addict once they experiment with an addictive behavior. There are also environmental factors that can […]

Rock Bottom for an Addict

Rock Bottom: Knowing When to Stop Digging


Addiction is a non-discriminating disease of the brain. Individuals of any age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic level can develop and suffer from a substance abuse disorder. As a potentially fatal affliction, addiction doesn’t care about an individual’s aspirations and goals, whether they have a family to care for or whether they’re the CEO of a Fortune […]

addiction kills

Addiction Kills (In More Ways Than One)


Addiction is classified as a chronic relapsing disease that most directly affects the brain. Due to the chemical, structural, and functional changes that occur in the brain as a result of substance abuse, addiction causes a number of profound changes for addicts. These changes include, but are not limited to, such effects as declining health, […]

Holistic Treatment

What is Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment?


Individuals who become addicted to alcohol and drugs learn from experience the number of profound ways that addiction affects a person’s life. Substance abuse disorders, as well as many types of behavioral addiction, render a person completely changed, robbing them of their potential and their aspirations, depleting their mental and physical health, and resulting in […]

christian program

Finding a Drug Treatment Center with a Christian Program


Recovery is an intense journey. Those experiencing addiction and ready to begin rehabilitation quickly experience just how powerful and personal addiction recovery can be. It’s common for the loved ones of addicts to stage interventions as a last-ditch attempt to urge the individual to receive addiction treatment by participating in an addiction treatment program. When […]

alcoholics anonymous

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?


Our best minds and scholars have spent years researching addiction, coming to the conclusion that it’s not merely a sign of abnormality, immorality, or being a self-centered, selfish deviant; rather, addiction is a disease that’s not unlike diabetes or heart disease. However, even though addiction is technically a disease, it’s also quite different from many […]

breaking chains of addiction

Breaking the Chains: Finding Freedom from Addiction


Addiction can begin in many different ways. For some individuals, addiction began as taking an extra prescription pain medication here and there when symptoms of a painful condition would flare up, needing more and more of the medication over time until it becomes unbearable to not take large doses of the medication. There are also […]