PHP/Day Drug Treatment Programs

PHP, or partial hospitalization programs, are treatment programs designed to help individuals overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex. The goal of these programs is to properly address the issues that caused the addiction without requiring the need for a lengthy and costly inpatient drug treatment program.

PHP or day drug treatment programs provide the same services as an inpatient program. The difference lies in how the program is set up. Patients attending a day drug treatment program will visit the medical facility or clinic for a certain amount of days a week. At the end of the day, the patient will go back home and return again for treatment the next scheduled day.

The length of time you will spend at a partial hospitalization program will depend upon how the program is set up. Some of the more intense programs require patients to attend up to seven days a week while other programs may only require patients to attend sessions two or three days a week.

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How Do I Know if a PHP/Day Drug Treatment Program is Right for Me?

There is a certain type of individual who will benefit from attending a partial hospitalization program. Those individuals tend to be people who have a strong support system at home or those who are suffering from a minor to moderate addiction.

Of course, every individual is unique, which makes determining who is or is not a good candidate for this type of program difficult. Drug Treatment Center Finder has an assessment process that can be used to help you determine if a PHP/day drug treatment program is right for you.

Just one single call to our addiction treatment hotline will start the assessment process. You will be immediately paired up with an addiction treatment specialist who will make it his or her goal to help you find the best treatment possible. Our addiction treatment specialists will get to know you for you and work with that information to find out if this type of program is right for you.

Once we have determined if a PHP/day drug treatment program is right for you, we will help you find a facility that offers this type of service. Using a nationwide database, we will help you find a facility that is not only located in an area in which you wish to seek treatment, but provides care at an affordable price.

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