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case management

What is Case Management? Why is it Important?


When it comes to entering and receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs, that are many components involved as well as extensive planning and decisions to be made, which can become overwhelming for many individuals who have become desperate for relief from chemical dependency. More often than not, the choice to accept help and […]

teen drug addiction treatment

Teen Drug Addiction Treatment & Therapy


These days, it’s not uncommon to walk into a twelve-step support group to see younger and younger faces. It’s been clear for some time that teen drug addiction is a big problem, but it appears they may also be getting sober as well. According to the evidence, one thing rings clear: Addiction surely doesn’t discriminate […]

parents of addicts

Advice To The Parents of Drug Addicts


As the guardians or parents of drug addicts or alcoholics, there is nothing more harrowing than watching your son or daughter slowly kill themselves with harmful substances. It may mean sleepless nights waiting to receive that phone call with the voice on the other end telling you that your child has been arrested, was involved […]

heroin vaccine

The Heroin Vaccine: The End of Addiction?


Image Source: Discovery Place Heroin is widely considered to be the most dangerous, addictive drug there is. It’s incredibly quick to hook its users and notoriously difficult to quit due to the oftentimes severe withdrawal symptoms that set in in as little as eight hours after taking the drug. Additionally, some users report experiencing post-acute […]

addiction aftercare

Addiction Aftercare: Life After Rehab


After Treatment Ends Completing an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program is a commendable achievement, but the recovered addict’s journey is only just beginning. An effective treatment program will leave an individual feeling almost transformed as if they’re once again the person that he or she was meant to be. However, it’s much easier to learn […]