Dependence vs Drug Addiction

Dependence vs Drug Addiction: Do I Need Addiction Treatment?


Addiction is a very complicated, almost enigmatic disease that we’re only recently beginning to understand. It wasn’t too long ago that the consensus was that addicts were simply being willfully selfish and self-destructive. In short, they were merely being bad people and having a problem with alcohol or drugs was seen as a moral affliction. […]

stages of addiction recovery

6 Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a unique disease. While it’s not a curable condition, addiction is treatable. Those who suffer from chemical dependency can overcome most of the effects of addiction to live a normal, healthy life.  To help treatment providers and therapists to better help patients suffering from addiction, alcoholism researchers Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska […]

gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction & the Brain


There are many different substances to which a person can become addicted. When one thinks of addiction, alcoholism and common drug addictions like cocaine and heroin addiction are usually what come to mind. With these types of addiction, an individual develops a tolerance, then a physical dependency, and then he or she is simply unable […]


Can I Still Take ADHD Meds in Rehab?


The disease of addiction is all-consuming. Even the most good, honest people can fall under the powerful thrall of alcohol or drugs, making them willing to resort to criminal behavior such as stealing from their own loved ones in order to sustain their unsustainable substance abuse habits. In that way, addiction affects the loved ones […]

addiction faqs

Frequently Asked Questions: Am I an Addict?


Denial is a major component of addiction. Either because they’re unable or unwilling to accept the reality of a substance use problem, the majority of addicts deny whether they’re actually even addicted. Unfortunately, this means that a number of individuals in need of help are unable to receive it because they continue to believe they […]

addiction therapy vs twelve steps

Addiction Therapy vs. the Twelve Steps


Addiction recovery can be a long, intensive process. Until somewhat recently, addicts were often forced into abstinence through punishment, but we’ve come to see overcoming addiction as more of a therapeutic process that requires mental and physical treatments. However, this therapeutic model of addiction recovery isn’t the only model available. In fact, the twelve-step model […]

Types of Rehabilitation Services

7 Types of Rehab Services That Treat Addiction


Recovery is a very in-depth, individualized process. What works for one addict will not necessarily work for the next addict. Luckily, there are a multitude of rehab services that may be better suited to treat some addicts more effectively than others. Thanks to these different rehab services, rest assured that you’ll find that one will […]

changing addiction stigma

Changing Addiction Stigma: Is It Time?


According to the scientific and healthcare communities, addiction is a disease. More specifically, it’s a chronic, progressive, and incurable brain disease, characterized by altered structure and functioning of the brain. When present, the disease of addiction causes individuals to compulsively pursue harmful and destructive behaviors despite the likelihood of negative outcomes and consequences. In effect, […]


The 6 Most Popular Medications Used for Addiction Treatment


There are many different treatments and therapies available that individuals can use to overcome addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. More often than not we associate such treatments with things like counseling, psychotherapy, group sessions, and skills-building, but there are a wide variety of therapies beyond just the quintessential recovery offerings. For example, there are a […]

Types of Drug Addiction Counseling

The 5 Popular Types of Addiction Counseling


The addiction recovery process: It’s intimidating. However, when you break the process down into its individual components, it begins to not only look more manageable and accessible, but also logical. Each of the individual therapies that are commonly incorporated into addiction treatment are intended to address specific effects of addiction or a particular aspect of […]