celebrity addictions

Celebrity Addicts in Recovery


The musicians, movie stars, and other public figures we read about in magazines inadvertently forfeited much of their privacy and anonymity to be entertainers. And whether it’s because of the fast-paced, high-paying Hollywood lifestyle or some other, more personal reason, it’s unfortunately common for celebrities to develop addictions to alcohol, drugs, or even behavioral addictions. […]

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Prescription Drug Monitoring Databases: Are They Helping?


It seems that in each decade, a new drug emerges—or perhaps an old drugs returns—to ravage the nation as a scourge to our society. Individuals from all over the demographic spectrum can fall prey to the seduction of substance abuse, whether it be due to the allure of alcohol, heroin, prescription pills, or something else. […]

wisconsin recovery

Celebrating Addiction Recovery in Wisconsin


As of this September 2014, the addiction recovery community has been celebrating Recovery Month for a quarter century! Nationally and internationally, treatment centers, halfway houses and recovery networks are hosting events to celebrate recovery and spread awareness. One of those events is taking place in Wisconsin and being organized by a woman whose sobriety is one year […]

addicted loved one

5 Tips for Helping an Addicted Loved One


Addiction affects more than just the addict. In fact, an individual’s addiction ripples through the lives of almost everyone with whom he or she has contact, oftentimes causing profound devastation. The close friends and family members of an addict will at times feel ashamed, frustrated, helpless, angry, and afraid. It’s no easy feat to remain […]