alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholics of Different Shapes and Sizes


When you find an alcohol rehab, one of the most important things you must do is find the rehab that provides the right alcohol addiction treatment you need. Even though they each suffer from some form of alcohol use disorder, there are different types of alcoholics. Each kind will require different styles of alcohol addiction […]

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Social Media Posts: Can They Reveal Problematic Drinking?


College students who post status updates about their alcohol use on social networking sites may be exhibiting an “alcohol identity” that could indicate whether they are at risk of having problems with alcohol, according to a recent study. Researchers from North Carolina State University and Ohio University set out to learn what drives students to drink […]

time for rehab

Best Time to Go to Rehab: Some Signs to Know


Coming to terms with a substance abuse problem isn’t easy. There is still a lot of stigma associated with addiction, and this fact alone often keeps people from reaching out to their families, friends, employers or doctors when they suspect they have a problem. But that’s not all that stands in the way. The nature […]

The Difference Between Reckless Youth and Disease

Reckless Youths vs. Chronic Alcoholism


What distinguishes a genuine alcoholic from a “hard drinker”, a “moderate drinker”, or someone who just “parties a little too much”? It’s not always easy to tell. After all, drinking is common across many cultures and recreational drinking is almost a rite of passage in American youth culture. It doesn’t seem reasonable to label someone […]