faces of drug addicts

The Changing Faces of Drug Addicts


We may not admit it, but we all have a stereotypical view of drug addicts and alcoholics. If someone asked you to draw a picture of an addict, you’d probably come up with a bum living under the bridge with a needle in his arm. These figures do exist, but there is more to addiction […]

physical drug withdrawal

Is Detox Only for Physical Drug Withdrawal?


Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Individuals who begin experimenting with alcohol and drugs must continue that behavior for a prolonged time for addiction to set in. Moreover, there are frequently numerous other factors that contribute to the development of an addiction, including prior exposure to substance abuse such as having a parent with a substance abuse […]

changing addiction stigma

Changing Addiction Stigma: Is It Time?


According to the scientific and healthcare communities, addiction is a disease. More specifically, it’s a chronic, progressive, and incurable brain disease, characterized by altered structure and functioning of the brain. When present, the disease of addiction causes individuals to compulsively pursue harmful and destructive behaviors despite the likelihood of negative outcomes and consequences. In effect, […]

Types of Drug Addiction Counseling

The 5 Popular Types of Addiction Counseling


The addiction recovery process: It’s intimidating. However, when you break the process down into its individual components, it begins to not only look more manageable and accessible, but also logical. Each of the individual therapies that are commonly incorporated into addiction treatment are intended to address specific effects of addiction or a particular aspect of […]

Rallying for Addiction Recovery

Rallying for Recovery in Ohio


All over the country, decision-makers have tried to find effective ways of alleviating the widespread suffering of many individuals who are in the throes of active addiction, especially in states with particularly high rates of addiction such as Ohio and Rhode Island. As such, politicians from those two states have spearheaded an actionable plan that […]

crystal meth abuse

Signs and Symptoms of Crystal Meth Abuse


Crystal Meth Abuse If you’re someone who watches the news, even semi-regularly, you’ll likely have seen reports on the widespread crystal meth abuse. Crystal meth is arguably the most addictive and one of the most dangerous illicit drugs there is for a number of reasons. Although many begin crystal meth abuse as a party drug […]

addicted loved one

5 Tips for Helping an Addicted Loved One


Addiction affects more than just the addict. In fact, an individual’s addiction ripples through the lives of almost everyone with whom he or she has contact, oftentimes causing profound devastation. The close friends and family members of an addict will at times feel ashamed, frustrated, helpless, angry, and afraid. It’s no easy feat to remain […]

intervention pros

The Pros and Cons of Staging an Intervention


Enough is Enough While it goes without saying that addiction has a profound effect on the individual who suffers from the disease, addiction is also a toxic force on the lives of all those connected to the addict. In particular, family members, friends, and other loved ones are in a position where they have to […]

personality traits of addicts

7 Common Personality Traits of Those Struggling With Addiction


While no two people are the same, there are often several personality traits associated with addiction that are commonly shared. If you or a loved one suffer from the disease of addiction, it can be helpful to understand these underlying causes to properly deal with the situation at hand. If you believe someone you know […]