Study: Opioid Addiction Crisis Affecting US Employers


The nation’s opioid epidemic reaches far and wide and no place is immune to it, and that includes the workplace. A recent report by the National Safety Council offers insight into US employers’ perceptions about prescription drug use and how it affects the workplace, and the policies they use to address it. According to the […]


Opioid Crisis Bill Cleared by Senate Heads to President Obama


The battle against the deadly opioid crisis in the United States is getting a major push from Capitol Hill. The US Senate passed a bill by a 92-2 vote in mid-July 2016 that would authorize nearly $900 million over a five-year period to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives and […]


Hydrocodone Causing an Epidemic


Much like the trends seen in fashion, one might say that, similarly, addiction trends wax and wane over the years. For instance, one generation’s cocaine epidemic gives way to the next generation’s heroin epidemic in the endless ebb and flow of substance abuse.  Unfortunately, this means that by the time we find ways to try […]