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Arkansas Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

We found 68 drug treatment centers in Arkansas

Drug Treatment Centers in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most geographically diverse states in the south. There are mountainous regions, lowlands near the Mississippi River, and forested areas filled with exotic wildlife. Residential and outpatient drug treatment centers take advantage of this geographic diversity in an effort to provide the best drug treatment in Arkansas.

When looking for an Arkansas drug treatment center, you will notice that they tend to be spread out all over the state. That is because it provides people with the opportunity to pick where they receive treatment. Some people may feel more comfortable and confident receiving treatment in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains where it is quieter, calmer, while others may want to stay closer to a larger city like Little Rock.

There are at least 64 facilities and centers that offer alcohol or drug treatment in Arkansas. Some of these centers are classified as Medicare facilities, while others are considered public facilities, low cost facilities, or private facilities.

Finding an Arkansas drug treatment center that is right for you and your unique situation is just a phone call away. Call our addiction treatment hotline today to start working with one of our professionals to find a treatment center for you.

How Should I Choose an Arkansas Drug Treatment Center?

When you start your search for an Arkansas drug treatment center, you may feel overwhelmed or stressed out. After all, there are 63 different facilities all of which are offering alcohol or drug treatment in Arkansas. That’s a lot of facilities to have to search through to find one that is right for you. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make your search easier.

First, you need to ask yourself several questions about what type of treatment you are looking to receive. Asking yourself questions such as ‘what drug am I addicted to’, ‘do I want holistic treatment’, ‘what is my treatment budget’, and ‘do I have insurance’ can help narrow down the list of centers that are available.

Another huge factor to consider when looking for an Arkansas drug treatment center is whether or not you need treatment for a mental illness. Mental illnesses and drug/alcohol addiction can go hand-in-hand. If you wish to succeed at staying sober, you must find treatment for both the addiction and mental illness. Unfortunately, not all centers offer both services. When trying to pick a facility for your alcohol or drug treatment in Arkansas how you answer this question could influence which center you pick.

If you are finding it difficult searching for a treatment center, we, at Drug Treatment Center Finder, are here to help. Call us 24/7 to speak to a professional who can help guide you through your search for a rehabilitation center.


of high school students under 13 in the state reported to have consumed alcohol.


increase of methamphetamine related admissions according to the Arkansas Department of Health.


Arkansas residents, aged 12 to 20, are reported to binge drink alcohol in the past month.

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Does Insurance Cover Treatment Centers in Arkansas?

Yes, most health insurance policies offer some type of coverage for those who are getting ready to receive alcohol or drug treatment in Arkansas. The type of coverage you receive depends solely upon your insurance provider and the benefits of the specific insurance plan you hold. More than likely, you will only be responsible for paying a percentage of your cost for treatment at an Arkansas drug treatment center, but again, it really depends upon your insurance policy.

You can call your insurance provider directly to find out what type of benefits you have, but that could mean long wait times and endless questions that result in no answers. Let our caring and compassionate professionals help you navigate the complex world of insurance coverage.

Our professionals at Drug Treatment Center Finder will help verify your insurance coverage and determine what benefits you have when it comes to receiving alcohol or drug treatment in Arkansas. Once we discover what benefits you have, we can help you find the best Arkansas drug treatment center that will not only get you the help you need, but it will be covered by your insurance too. Call us today!

Arkansas was one of the top ten states for rates in several drug-use categories: past-year nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers among persons age 12 or older; past-year non-medical use of pain relievers among young adults age 18-25; past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana among persons age 12 or older; and past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana among young adults age 18-25. (Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 2007-2008)

Recovery After Arkansas Drug Treatment Centers

Some studies have shown that almost 90% of all people who face an addiction will relapse at some point in their lives. After you receive treatment at an inpatient Arkansas drug treatment center, it is essential that you seek the proper aftercare treatment or you will become one of those statistics.

Aftercare drug treatment in Arkansas is extremely helpful at not only reinforcing what you learned during your inpatient stay at a treatment center, but providing you with coping skills that will help you keep living a happy and sober life. You may be anxious to return to your regular life, but receiving aftercare treatment can and will help you in the long run.

Most aftercare treatment is offered by an intensive outpatient facility in Arkansas. This treatment includes group counseling, individual counseling, and life skills classes. It is done on an outpatient basis, which allows you to come home every evening to your family while still receiving the must-needed support of a structured clinical setting.

Another aftercare option is a sober living facility. This type of aftercare drug treatment in Arkansas is structured and will help you transition back to society, but it may require you to find your own support system through AA/NA meetings or individual counselors. Sober living facilities are often used as a transitional housing/environment for those that are unsure about living independently after a recent stay at an inpatient Arkansas drug treatment center.

Call us today to learn more about aftercare options that are available throughout Arkansas.