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Drug Treatment Centers in Michigan

Many times the intense peer pressure and stress of your day-to-day life fuels your addiction. You start to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and tired. Instead of properly handling the situation, you may be turning to drugs or alcohol to cope. If this sounds like a situation that is familiar to you, you may be in need of help from a Michigan drug treatment center.

Michigan is a thriving, up-and-coming state that has a number of great facilities that offer programs and resources that can help you overcome your addiction. There are currently 435 facilities that offer drug treatment in Michigan.

Each of these drug treatment facilities wants to help you overcome your addiction; they just may go about it in different ways. Some of the facilities that offer drug treatment in Michigan may only provide individual addiction counseling, while others may provide short or long term inpatient treatment.

In addition to the different type of treatment offered, these facilities are also classified in different ways. There are private facilities run by healthcare corporations or private individuals, public facilities that are connected to public healthcare systems, low cost facilities, and Medicare facilities.

If you wish to seek treatment from a Michigan drug treatment center, we can help you find the best one for your addiction treatment needs. Call us or request a call from us to start working with an addiction treatment specialist.

How Should I Choose a Michigan Drug Treatment Center?

Using the right Michigan drug treatment center is critical to helping you beat your addiction. You need to find a facility that not only offers the services and programs you need to overcome your addiction, but you want a facility where you feel warm, welcomed, and supported.

It is difficult to find the one Michigan drug treatment center that is ‘the one’ when there are close to 440 facilities that offer addiction treatment, but it is not impossible. If you take the time to ask yourself a few questions about your addiction, you can narrow the list down to a few facilities that offer the programs and care you need to overcome your addiction.

The questions you should ask yourself include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What substance am I currently addicted to? Is it a prescription medication, opiate, or alcohol?
  • Is there a co-occurring mental illness that needs to be treated?
  • Do I specific medical needs that need to be addressed?
  • Do I have health insurance that may provide coverage?
  • Do I have a budget for drug treatment in Michigan?
  • Is there a particular way I wish to approach treatment, such as faith-based programs, wilderness rehabilitation, or inpatient/outpatient treatment?

Even after answering these questions, you may be overwhelmed with the number of facilities that are available to you. Allow Drug Treatment Center Finder to help. Our addiction treatment specialists have the experience and knowledge you need to help you find the right facility for your drug treatment in Michigan.

Call our toll-free hotline or request a call from one of our addiction treatment specialists to start the search for a treatment center.


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Does Insurance Cover Michigan Drug Treatment Centers?

Every insurance policy, insurance provider, and individual situation is unique when it comes to health insurance coverage for drug treatment in Michigan. In fact, no two cases are alike. Some individuals may be granted permission from their insurance company to receive help at an inpatient Michigan drug treatment center, while others – who have the same insurance provider and insurance play – may only be granted permission to seek treatment at an outpatient facility.

The unique and personalized nature of health insurance coverage makes it difficult for us to answer whether insurance will help with the cost of the treatment. It is difficult to answer because the answer differs from person to person.

If you are considering seeking treatment at a Michigan drug treatment center, call us at Drug Treatment Center Finder. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to help you understand your insurance coverage and your benefits that will help you receive drug treatment in Michigan.

Since the increase in popularity of synthetic marijuana in 2010, new forms of synthetic marijuana have appeared.  These substances contain ingredients that act in the same way as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.  Legislation making ingredients in synthetic marijuana illegal in Michigan went into effect in October 2010; since then, synthetic cannabinoids are added to the list of Schedule l controlled substances as discovery and investigation continues.

Recovery After Michigan Drug Treatment Centers

It takes a lot of courage and strength to complete an inpatient program at a Michigan drug treatment center. Unfortunately, the hard work you put into overcoming you addiction doesn’t stop the minute your stay at an inpatient facility ends. You must work hard to stay sober for months, even years, after you seek treatment.

Staying sober and avoiding a relapse is difficult, but it is not impossible. Taking advantage of aftercare services offered by facilities that offer drug treatment in Michigan can help.

Aftercare services provided through a Michigan drug treatment center are designed to help you learn valuable skills you will need to maintain your sobriety. What you learn while using aftercare services will vary depending upon whether you are staying in a sober living facility or attending an intensive outpatient facility in Michigan. Some of the things you will learn include, but are not limited to, stress management, life skills, communication skills, and the ability to hand or avoid potential addiction triggers.

There is no requirement that you use the aftercare services that are available to you, but it would be helpful. In fact, those that use aftercare services are less likely to relapse within the first five years of sobriety than those who do not use these types of services. Call Drug Treatment Center Finder today to learn more about aftercare services and it can help supplement what you learn while seeking drug treatment in Michigan.