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Drug Treatment Centers in Colorado

Seek comfort in the quiet of the mountains by choosing to seek alcohol or drug treatment in Colorado. Even the busy cities, such as Denver and Colorado Springs, feel as if they are a relaxing mountain retreat despite their busy, bustling streets and active atmosphere. This calm, quiet setting is just what you need when you are trying to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, as it allows you to put your cares and worries to one side and focus upon yourself.

If you believe this type of setting would be beneficial to you while overcoming your addiction, there is sure to be a Colorado drug treatment center that is right for you and your unique situation. There are over 428 addiction treatment centers across the state. Each of these centers takes a unique approach to providing alcohol or drug treatment, but the goal is the same – to provide a safe, supportive environment in which you can beat your addiction.

While looking for a Colorado drug treatment center, you will notice that there are different types of centers. There are Medicare facilities, low cost facilities, private facilities, and private facilities. The question arises – which one should I choose to use for my alcohol and drug treatment in Colorado. Let us, at Drug Treatment Center Finder, help you with that question.

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How Should I Choose a Colorado Drug Treatment Center?

Picking a Colorado treatment center to use may seem like an impossible task. There are over 400 different treatment centers and it is nearly impossible to know which one is going to be the best one for you. Luckily, with a little self-assessment, you can determine which centers might be the best one for your addiction treatment.

Conducting a self-assessment allows you to think about your needs and narrow down the list of treatment centers to those that will best meet those needs. While conducting your self-assessment, it is important to think about what the nature of your addiction is, how you wish to approach treatment, and what type of Colorado drug treatment center you wish to use (outpatient, inpatient).

Another important aspect to consider when thinking about alcohol or drug treatment in Colorado is whether there may be a need for mental health services. Many people try to self-medicate and treat symptoms of their mental illness with drugs or alcohol, which leads to addiction. Treating both the mental illness and the addiction can help improve your chances of successfully finding sobriety. The key is to find a Colorado drug treatment center that also offers mental health services.

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people in the last year have died due to heroin overdose in Denver.


of Coloradans aged 18 to 25 have reported binge drinking in the past month.


Coloradans have reported abusing marijuana at least once in the past month.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment Centers in Colorado?

Just like the cost of medical care is increasing, so is the cost of seeking drug treatment in Colorado. It is estimated that a stay in a residential drug treatment center could average anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 depending upon the length of stay, location of the facility, and treatment that is offered. This may seem like a lot, but don’t let the costs of a Colorado drug treatment center prevent you from seeking treatment, as there may be help available.

Most health insurance policies offer some type of coverage for drug treatment in Colorado. Coverage will usually vary depending upon what type of policy you hold and the insurance provider, but there it does cut down on the cost of drug treatment.

We, at Drug Treatment Center Finder, offer a free service that helps you not only understand what your insurance will or will not cover when it comes to addiction treatment, but we can help you find a Colorado drug treatment center that will work with your budget. Call our toll-free hotline today to speak with one of our compassionate, caring professionals and start your search for a drug treatment center.

Since 1999, prescription drug overdoses have moved from the metropolitan areas in the Front Range and Pueblo to less populous parts of the state like Mesa Country. Today, several areas with high prescription drug overdoses have growing rates of heroin overdose as well. (Source: Colorado Public Radio)

Recovery After Colorado Drug Treatment Centers

Improve your chances of not relapsing after a stay in a residential Colorado drug treatment center by arranging for proper aftercare services. Aftercare services, which can include seeking treatment at an intensive outpatient facility in Colorado or staying in a sober living facility, can dramatically reduce your chances of relapsing.

Why is aftercare drug treatment in Colorado so important? Aftercare is important because it supplements what you learned while seeking drug treatment in Colorado. While in a residential facility, you learn to address your addiction and eventually overcome it, but you might not know how to take what you learn and apply it to your regular day-to-day life outside of the treatment center. That is where the aftercare helps.

Aftercare services will provide you with the support needed to re-learn how to enjoy day-to-day activities without the need for drugs or alcohol. It will teach you how to approach stressful situations without turning to the source of your addiction. This may be just what you need to prevent relapses and stay sober.

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