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Drug Treatment Center Finder Terms of Service and Use

General Disclaimer

The Drug Treatment Finder Center’s website is not to be used as a replacement for any type of professional medical, counseling or other chemical dependency or substance abuse advice and/or services. This website is intended to be used as an informational and educational aid to assist those who wish to learn more about the variety of drug and alcohol treatment facilities and methods that are available. Any assistance received from staff of the Drug Treatment Center Finder should not be used in lieu of advice from a qualified and licensed medical or substance abuse treatment professional. The professional contributors, authors, editors, sponsors hold no responsibility or legal obligation regarding any losses, damages or other undesirable consequences that may arise from the direct or indirect use of drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com. Please consult your doctor or other healthcare provider should you suspect that you are suffering from a medical or health condition.

Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as well as a waiver of liability as stipulated in the terms of service and usage below. Please familiarize yourself with these regulation before engaging the in use of our website.

Opinions Expressed in Response to Blog Posts Do Not Represent the Drug Treatment Center Finder

The news and blog post section provides interesting and relevant information regarding modern discoveries and treatment modalities currently being innovated in the field of chemical dependency treatment. At the Drug Treatment Center Finder, we have an enabled comment section for readers to express their opinions and viewpoints regarding the news items we post. These comments are not representative of or endorsed by the Drug Treatment Finder Center. While we make a concerted effort to moderate the comment section to avoid offensive or harmful material, we do not assume any liability for the content to be found on the user comments section. Furthermore, with the ethos of internet free speech in mind, we do not assume any responsibility to ever remove any comments that may be deemed offensive by particular website users.

Drug Treatment Center Finder’s Policy on Offensive and Prohibited Material

Although Drug Treatment Center Finder fully supports the right of free speech, we do ask that comments and posts comply with certain guidelines. Users must refrain from using obscene, profane or offensive language. Using derogatory euphemisms, curse words, abusive language or inciting others to engage in criminal or illegal activities is strictly prohibited. The community moderators at Drug Treatment Center Finder reserve the right to determine what violates the rules of decency in regards to posted comments.

Other prohibited interactions include offering medical advice, providing legal counsel, soliciting other users for financial or business transactions, discussing drug or alcohol use recreationally or engaging a known minor in discussion. It is the policy of Drug Treatment Center Finder to offer services and information to those only 18 years of age or older. For any questions regarding the rules of decency when posting in the forums or comments section, please contact us via email to clarify any questions or concerns.

Drug Treatment Center Finder – A Supplemental and Educational Tool on the Journey to Sobriety

In no way, shape or form should any user of the website substitute the information contained herein, or any information found on externally linked websites, for guidance from a medical professional. At Drug Treatment Center Finder, we believe in empowering people with information to assist them in their search for a sober lifestyle approach. However, addiction is a medical condition, and appropriate professional help is required to combat this illness. We do not hold any responsibility for action, or lack thereof, that is taken to address potential health or addiction problems.

Thus, the purpose of drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is to provide information about and links to various treatment facilities and programs. We also post relevant news pieces that pertain to addiction and its treatment to supplement the general knowledge base of those seeking treatment. We do not assume any responsibility or liability regarding the dissemination of these news and blog posts. Website users assume responsibility and acknowledge inherent risks of reading and using any information contained within drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com or from accessing any externally linked websites. The website user is solely responsible for viewing and utilizing the website in conjunction with local, state and national laws in relation to their area of residence.

If you or someone you know if suffering from a medical problem, seek immediate medical help and advice. If you think yourself or someone you know may be suffering from an addictive disorder, seek immediate therapeutic advice and help. Anyone suffering from serious depression and thoughts of self-harm or suicide should immediately dial 911 to access emergency mental and emotional health interventions.

Third Party Links

The links to rehab facility centers, informational and medical websites are not owned, operated or in anyway controlled or affiliated with drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com in any capacity. These organizations and websites are not specifically endorsed, sponsored or funded by Drug Treatment Center Finder. While all links are originally reviewed by our expert team for accuracy and usefulness, we do not continuously review or moderate these sites. At the time of posting the links, Drug Treatment Facility Center has in good faith ensured that the resources were useful and legitimate. Users acknowledge that due to human or technological error, some information may be incorrect or erroneous in externally linked sites. Users view these links at their own risk.

Furthermore, use of external websites or the services offered have no implicit or explicit guarantee of any sort that is backed by drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com. The user assumes responsibility to investigate and research any services or products offered for legitimacy and personal relevancy prior to purchasing.


Any photographic or written work that is not the sole property of the Drug Treatment Center Finder is properly cited and acknowledges the trademark or copyright processes of the owner. Should you believe that a piece of work is not properly cited, please contact us via email so that we may investigate the intellectual property in question and rectify any errors in citation as needed.


The role of drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is to facilitate the communication between external services and businesses and their potential clients and customers. As such, we do not own or reserve any trademark, copyright or service mark related to the referenced businesses and/or services. Any materials owned by drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com may only be used in electronic, written or other form by expressed permission. Information found within externally linked websites is to be used only in tandem with the trademark and/or copyright regulations of the respective owners.

Website User Agreement

By engaging in activity on drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com, the user acknowledges and agrees to all of the above listed terms. Engaging in activity on this website is defined as viewing or reading information, sending or receiving data, posting comments or requesting information. It is implicit that while the Drug Treatment Center Finder will, in good faith, diligently update the terms of service and usage as applicable changes occur, it is the user’s responsibility to stay abreast of these changes and maintain current knowledge of said terms.

Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com cannot be indemnified in any manner for potential loss, harm or damages that may result in use from the website. The directory of links to treatment centers and other rehabilitation services do not constitute any type of warranty or endorsement by the Drug Treatment Center Finder. No representations or guarantees are made regarding the quality, timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the external services offered, and the website user acknowledges that drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com disavows any implicit or explicit assurance regarding external companies, services or providers.

Certain states or countries provide differing rights and protections regarding service warranties, so the website user is advised to educate themselves upon their jurisdictional rights and protections they may be operating within. It is the user’s responsibility to understand what, if any, laws supersede the terms of service and usage.

Statement of Website Usage Privacy

By using drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com, you agree to the privacy policy and terms laid out in the following statements.

Communicating via posts, uploading files or any other type of submission to drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com results in granting us a perpetual, world-wide and royalty-free license of use. This license allows us to use the submitted material without citation of user source and allows us to copy, distribute, adapt, transmit, publicly display and use without any limitation.

Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com does collect certain information that you provide, such as name, email address or mailing address. Tracking software, also known as cookies, may be employed to view and record your browsing history and habits. Should you wish to opt out of this tracking, please consult your web browser’s help section to learn how to disable such software.

The personally identifying information that is provided to us is used to help personalize your browsing experience at drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com. We may also use this information to help deliver information and advertisements that may be of use, relevance or interest to you. By using our website, you implicitly consent to the collection and usage of this identifying information as well as the sharing of your data to third-parties. You acknowledge that by sharing any personally identifying information on our site you realize that third-parties may access your data. There is no expectation or guarantee of privacy regarding any data or submission sharing on drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is not responsible for the actions of the third-party organizations with which we may share your information. If you would like to opt out of this information sharing, please email us with said request.

You are able to access our homepage without providing any personal information, and we only collect the information about you that you voluntarily provide while engaging in use of the website. No information outside of what you provide to drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is gathered, such as public records, credit information or data from other private organizations, and we do not collect or use personal data for any purpose other than marketing or that is indicated where the data is collected. Should we wish to use your personal information for any other purpose than is listed, we will contact you via email to gain written authorization prior to any other usage.

Security Policy

Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is fully committed to operating in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, regulations, standards and guidelines. Thus, a secure mode of transmitting your personal information is provided with reasonable protection against unauthorized access. However, by transmitting information electronically, you acknowledge the fact that breaches in security may occur that result in unauthorized parties accessing your sensitive information. Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com does not hold any responsibility for damages or loss that may occur from such an incident. However, the Drug Treatment Center Finder does employ reasonable and secure methods to prevent unauthorized access, improper use, accidental loss or damage or modification to the personal data that we store. Our employees that have access to website user personal data are legally obligated to treat such information with respect and confidentiality.

Email Privacy Terms and Disclaimer of Use

While the Drug Treatment Center Finder takes all reasonable precautions to maintain the confidential integrity of email transmissions, there is no guarantee that emails sent and/or received will remain confidential. Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com is not liable for any damages or losses caused by the misuse of your email account, or for improper dissemination of your personal information that is not caused by our intentional wrongdoing.

Email Risks and User Responsibility

Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com does allow for communication between healthcare, therapeutic and addiction specialists and professionals. This discourse is at the discretion of both the website and said professional individuals, and such communication may result in the request for personal health information. Should you decide to communicate your sensitive and private health data, you should be aware that there is no guarantee of privacy.

Due to the open nature of the internet, emails may possibly be vulnerable to interception and misuse by malicious and unauthorized third-parties. Take all reasonable measures to protect your email account, and never provide your account password. Drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com will never ask you for account passwords. Emails can be printed, forwarded or otherwise shared once they have been sent. Be careful of whom you send emails to when they contain confidential and sensitive information.

Consent for Email Communications

By emailing drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com, you agree that your communication may be forwarded within the organization as needed for proper treatment related reasons. Only staff members that directly relate to your case will have access to these emails, except in the case where further dissemination is required by law. Emails may be saved and the contained information entered into your medical chart during future services. Third-parties will never have access your health-related emails for marketing or other purposes. You are responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy and clarity of your communications, therefore you should carefully compose your message to briefly and succinctly describe your situation.

Finally, email is not the only method that the Drug Treatment Center may employ to communicate with you. Furthermore, should the professionals at our organization decide it is no longer serving your best interests to continue engagement via email or other contact methods, drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com does reserve the exclusive right to discontinue both communications and services. Should this instance occur, you will be properly notified via email or other communication methods that have been used.

Contacting the Drug Treatment Center Finder

At drugtreatmentcenterfinder.com, we are fully committed to helping those who are struggling with addiction to find appropriate care, treatment and counseling services. Should you have any further questions regarding our comprehensive service database, the above outlined terms of service, privacy statement, collection or use of personal information or other issues, please call 855-619-8070 for immediate assistance. You may also choose to use our help request submission form that can be found on the main webpage.

Legal Disclaimer
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