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Connecticut Drug Rehab

Searching for a Connecticut drug rehab? When you are seeking drug treatment centers in Connecticut, you know that you are getting the care and help you need. You are able to receive this type of care because Connecticut has over 162 treatment facilities, all of which approach addiction treatment in their own unique way. Connecticut may be the third smallest state in the country, but it has some of the best, most resourceful drug treatment centers.

Drug Rehab Connecticut

The unique approach to treatment allows you to find a Connecticut drug treatment center that makes you feel welcome and supported while you work to beat your addiction. Options for drug treatment in Connecticut include, but are not limited to, a holistic approach, 12 step program, faith based programs, behavioral based programs, and clinical/psychological programs.

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Once you have decided Connecticut is the place to seek treatment, you will need to decide what type of facility will provide that treatment. There are low cost facilities, Medicare facilities, public health facilities, and private facilities. All offer addiction treatment and all have the same goal – to help you beat your addiction.

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How Should I Choose a Connecticut Drug Treatment Center?

The Connecticut drug treatment center you choose to use is a huge, life-altering decision that only you can make. If you are unsure of how to go about making that decision and finding drug treatment in Connecticut, we recommend asking yourself a few questions.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I currently addicted to?
  • Am I addicted to more than one thing?
  • Is there are particular city which I wish to use for drug treatment in Connecticut?
  • Do I have a budget when it comes to how much I can spend on treatment?
  • Do I want to take a natural approach to treatment or a more clinical/medical approach?
  • May I need mental health services?

The answers you give to these questions will take the list of 162 facilities and narrow it down to the facilities that will most likely provide services to meet your addiction treatment needs.

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of Connecticut residents have reported abusing some illegal substance in the past month.


of Connecticut 12 to 17 year-olds used alcohol in the previous month


of Connecticut residents died due to overdosing on heroin in the last year.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment Centers in Connecticut?

If you currently have health insurance, chances are you have some type of coverage if you wish to seek treatment at a Connecticut drug treatment center. It is impossible to determine what type of coverage or benefits you have, as every insurance provider and policy has different benefits when it comes to seeking drug treatment in Connecticut.

You have two options available to you if you wish to know if your individual health insurance policy offers coverage for a Connecticut drug treatment center. You could spend hours on the phone talking to your health insurance provider or you can call us at Drug Treatment Center Finder.

Drug Treatment Center Finder has a number of caring, compassionate individuals waiting to help you find drug treatment in Connecticut. Call us today and we will not only verify your health insurance coverage and benefits, but we will help you find treatment facilities that are accepted by your insurance. Make the call today and get started down the road to recovery.

In Connecticut, drug poisoning is the leading cause of accidental death among adults. Connecticut is one of only 16 states in which death from overdose is more common than death from vehicular accident. (Source: Connecticut Department of Public Health)

Recovery After Connecticut Drug Treatment Centers

After a long stay in a residential treatment facility, you may find the thought of re-entering society to be a bit stressful and overwhelming. Aftercare services provided by a Connecticut drug treatment center can help you make a transition back to your everyday normal life.

Aftercare programs have a slightly different goal than residential treatment facilities. A residential treatment facility is focused on helping you overcome your addiction and providing drug treatment in Connecticut. An aftercare facility is focused on providing you with essential skills needed to help you function in society and remain sober.

If you have chosen to take part in an aftercare program provided by a Connecticut drug treatment center, you will have to decide what type of program you will take part in. One option you will have is to visit an intensive outpatient facility in Connecticut. This facility offers a program similar to your residential treatment facility, but instead of living there 24/7, you will only visit the center briefly. You will have access to group counseling and individual counseling during this type of program.

Another option available to you is a sober living home. This one does not offer treatment, but it provides you with access to a structured environment where you will live independently but have strict rules to follow (no drugs, no alcohol, and a curfew).

Just like it is important to find the right residential facility that offers drug treatment in Connecticut, it is also important to find the right aftercare program. Call us to start your search for the right aftercare program.