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Drug Treatment Centers in Tennessee

The only way to beat an addiction is to confront the issues that are causing you to want to turn to drugs or alcohol. Drug treatment in Tennessee provides you with the opportunity to confront these issues head on and really work to understand better ways to cope than by turning to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol.

Clinical and medical facilities throughout the state offer different approaches to drug treatment. Some facilities offer long-term inpatient programs for individuals who need intense treatment for a current drug or alcohol addiction. There are also outpatient facilities and addiction counselors that work independently from a Tennessee drug treatment center that provide support and help.

For those looking for an alternative approach to drug treatment, there are options available for you too. Wilderness rehabilitation relies upon the healing qualities of nature to help you overcome addiction, while still offering individual and group counseling. Behavioral therapy provides a more clinical approach that may have long-term benefits.

The key to finding sobriety is in finding the perfect Tennessee drug treatment center. Drug Treatment Center Finder has made a commitment to helping everyone who calls find drug treatment in Tennessee. Call us at 855-619-8070 to talk about what treatment may be right for you.

How Should I Choose a Tennessee Drug Treatment Center?

Glancing at the list of facilities that offer drug treatment in Tennessee can make you feel overwhelmed. You will only be picking one of these treatment centers to use, but they all seem the same and so much rests on making the right decision. Luckily, there are people available to help you make the decision about which Tennessee drug treatment center to use.

The addiction treatment specialists at Drug Treatment Center Finder are available to help individuals make this all-important life decision. Our professional staff has a database of drug treatment centers that we can easily access.

When you call us, we will ask you questions regarding your addiction. These questions may appear extremely personal, but they are the only way we can assess your individual treatment needs. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable while asking the questions, as we understand this is an extremely difficult process.

Let us help you find the best drug treatment in Tennessee. Call our addiction hotline at 855-619-8070 to start your free, confidential personal assessment and to discover which Tennessee drug treatment centers may be right for you.


Tennesseans needed treatment for drug and alcohol use in 2011.


persons died in Tennessee as a direct consequence of drug use in 2007.


people were admitted to treatment for prescription drugs and other opiates in 2010.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Treatment in Tennessee?

Addictions, both to drugs and alcohol, are often classified as a medical condition by insurance companies. This means that if you have health insurance, there is a good possibility you may have some type of coverage when it comes to drug treatment in Tennessee.

The coverage you receive with your health insurance will vary depending upon which plan level you are currently on. Some plan levels offer complete coverage for a stay in a Tennessee drug treatment center, while other plans will only cover several visits to an outpatient facility.

Calling our hotline will help you get the answers you need when it comes to drug treatment in Tennessee and health insurance coverage. We can quickly verify your insurance coverage with your insurance provider. After this process is complete, we can provide you with a look at exactly what your benefits will cover.

Even if you have sought treatment in the past and your health insurance didn’t provide coverage, you may want to give us a call. There have been numerous changes in laws which may have expanded your health insurance coverage. Call us at 955-619-8070 for a detailed explanation of how your coverage relates to seeking treatment from a Tennessee drug treatment center.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that the number of drug-related investigations increased 54 percent from 622 in 1999 to 957 in 2000.

Recovery After Tennessee Drug Treatment Centers

After all the work you put into overcoming your addiction, the last thing you want to do is relapse. Addiction relapses are a very harsh reality for many addicts. Unfortunately, there is really no way to completely prevent a relapse from occurring. There are, however, precautionary measures you can take.

The best relapse prevention is to seek aftercare drug treatment in Tennessee. These valuable addiction treatment resources will teach you coping skills, employment skills, and communication skills that will hopefully prevent you from relapsing. Some of these skills may have been taught at an inpatient Tennessee drug treatment center, but these services reinforce what is taught there.

Aftercare drug treatment in Tennessee is provided at a sober living facility or an outpatient facility. Each of these facilities provides an environment that is extremely supportive and dedicated to helping you stay sober.

Drug Treatment Center Finder wants to help you prevent a relapse. Call our addiction hotline to learn about how a sober living facility or a program at an intensive outpatient facility in Tennessee can help. Pick up the phone and call 855-619-8070 to learn more and discover which Tennessee drug treatment centers offer after care services.