Halfway House

A halfway house is typically a place that allows addicts with different ailments, from physical, mental, and even emotional disabilities, to get together in a controlled environment to learn social and other skills necessary to re-integrate back into society. Halfway houses are usually effective due to their varying types of privacy, medical, social, and even psychiatric programs.

The most common halfway houses are typically open bay, same-sex dormitories, similar to those found in military training, along with several different gyms and workout areas.

As the addict living in a halfway house is further and further along treatment and ever further away from dependence on whichever substance abuse affected them, they are pushed further away from different support services. This is conducted until a medical professional deems the individual healthy and fit to re-enter society with minimal risk of relapsing.

How Do I Know if a Halfway House is Right for Me?

Typically, halfway houses are best for those seeking a re-birth from their addiction. A Halfway house helps individuals completely purge themselves from their substance abuse riddled past and, with the help of professionals, release the addiction that is plaguing them thoroughly and safely under supervision.

While halfways houses require one to live there temporarily, studies have shown that those who complete treatment through living in a halfway house have monumentally higher success rates than those who use the typical outpatient programs.