Methadone Maintenance

Methadone maintenance is a treatment in which it utilizes the use methadone. Methadone is a synthetic and habit forming drug used as a substitute over extended and long periods of time for heroin and opioid related addiction issues. However, methadone maintenance treatment can sometimes be indefinite, in which it will then have to be taken for the rest of the individual’s lifetime.

For ultimate success using methadone maintenance, this treatment is best administered to those as a last resort, due to the severity of the method. Overall, the main purpose of methadone maintenance is to keep the levels of opioid in the addict’s system for interfering further into the individual’s life to the point where death might be the only alternative to sobriety.

There is a fairly large amount of controversy regarding this type of method for treatment, as some believe there is simply an “addiction swap”, where one addiction is changed for another. One thing to remember when involving this subject, is that this method is used only as a last resort. This method of treatment does replace one addiction with another, however the addiction replaced is much more benign in nature and less destructive.

How Do I Know if Methadone Maintenance is Right for Me?

As mentioned previously, using methadone maintenance treatment is reserved for those who have tried heroin or opioid addiction treatments and failed multiple times. This is also reserved for those whom detoxification has been unsuccessful and unable to remain abstinent to the mentioned substance.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you may be struggling with an opioid addiction. It is important to seek help from a licensed professional. Drug Treatment Center Finder is here to help you find a facility that offers the methadone maintenance treatment you need to find sobriety. Methadone maintenance is not recommended to be a first step, but rather as a last resort to opioid addiction.

There are thousands of facilities all across the country that offer all types of treatment for opioid addictions. Drug Treatment Center Finder has access to a database that lists these facilities. We use this database to come up with personalized recommendations for treatment when you call.

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