Long Term Residential Drug Treatment Program

Long term residential drug treatment programs are specifically designed to create a separate nurturing environment. In this type of environment, an individual can confidently address the issues that caused the addiction to form. These issues can be brought up and addressed both in individual counseling sessions and group therapy.

What separates long term residential drug treatment programs from other types of rehabilitation programs, such as short term inpatient or intensive outpatient, is the length of time the program runs. Long term inpatient programs will often last more than 90 days. In fact, some patients may even stay enrolled in the program for over a year.

The days inside a long term rehabilitation center are extremely structured. Patients will be required to attend regular individual counseling sessions, as well as group therapy and educational classes. In some cases, patients are encouraged to try other alternative forms of treatment, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, Yoga, exercise classes, nutritional classes, and art or music therapy.

Medication management is also offered at long term rehabilitation centers. This service is ideal for individuals who are detoxing from severe drugs, such as opiates, or who may be suffering from a mental illness or other type of health problem.

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How Do I Know if a Long Term Residential Drug Treatment Program is Right for Me?

Entry into a long term residential drug treatment program is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a huge commitment, both time wise and financially. Individuals who are considering this option should think carefully whether they are ready to fully commit to this type of program.

If there is a concern regarding the time commitment involved, you may want to consider another drug or alcohol treatment option. Short term inpatient rehabilitation, as well as intensive outpatient programs, are just as successful and require of a time commitment.

Long term residential drug treatment programs are often recommended for individuals who are either addicted to severe drugs, such as opiates, that can cause intense withdrawal symptoms, those who have experienced severe trauma, or those who have tried other forms of treatment, but have not been successful at finding sobriety.

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